What a fantastic night poem

Identification shown at the door, burly man lets him, her, me inside

The bass is pounding, I feel it underneath the soles of my boots

As well as underneath my skin, it pulsates, bringing me to life


Once in the establishment, we wander, I look in amazement

After all it is my first time in a bar, a real, true, bar

It’s loud and bright and dark and perfect all at once, beautiful.


We find seats, tall, near the windows, snowflakes drift intermittently

She goes and orders us drink, two vampires.  I’ve never had one

It’s sweet and sour and sinful and I sip it through the straw


He order jack and coke, classic, masculine, manly in comparison

To the vodka, raspberry liquor, and cranberry juice we have

Giggling, I’m tipsy.  I laugh and move to the music


She is drinks her first fast, but the second slowly

His drink is gone after her first, but he downs her second

I sip slowly, enjoying the tang, the sensation, the warmth



While the drink is cold, I am warm and silly

My hands are still and shaking, too cold to easily

Fingers brush against denim that is not mine


Apologizing, he says not to worry. Tipsy, I look down

Flushing, I look back to see that she has returned

And is preparing to leave. I frown, but agree


Climbing into the back of the truck, I reminisce

Spontaneity, her, scruffy easy, him

What a night to take my problems off my mind

Homework and Stress

I hate this.  I hate that I woke up, felt fine, got out of bed, got all the way to North Campus and then suddenly nothing.   My body dropped, I found out a friend isn’t doing so well, I need to schedule the appointment with Director so I can get my crazy bitch roommate problem solved and I have so much freaking homework I don’t know where to start.

Ok. One piece at a time.

Homework: I need to correctly format two poems.  I’ve written a bunch on here lately, so I’m hoping my professor will take those.  Alright, let me go count lines and see where that leaves me

(Goes and check poetry)

Ok, so I can use the Stability and Cliches poem in my portfolio.  I’m  writing up another that I’ll post in a bit for my second optional poem.  Then I need to edit my previous poems.  I’m not gong to enjoy that.  I hate editing my poetry.  Especially when it’s been more than a month since I wrote it.  Ok, so I need to do that and then write up that essay on the poet that was here last week.

Ok.  I think I can manage that before lunch.  I don’t wish to edit all my poems, but I want to get the optional two out of the way and then try to edit my peter pan poem and then get lunch.


EDIT ONE: (an hour plus later)  I got two poems done, another edited, a lesson plan, I’ve downloaded the templates for my second lesson plan and had lunch.  PRODUCTIVITY!

What a fantastic night!

So, my day had been a little strange.  Just long and I was tired and I felt like doing nothing.  Since my laptop doesn’t like to work in my apartment, I couldn’t stay in my room and do homework.  So I was writing and trying to be creative when my friend texts me.

She asks if I want to go out for a drink.  I don’t have to pay and I don’t have to drive.  I’M IN!

It was a great night.  She brought a friend along and I had not met him, but had heard of him.  He was super sweet and kind of cute in an Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy way.  I had a vampire and we talked and listened to music and I was so happy.  I felt so ok and happy and legal!

It was wonderful.

Then, to make my night even better, I got hugs from both of them (I am a big hugger.) I also found out that I had a hundred likes on my blog.

THANK YOU BLOGGERS!  You are who made this possible.  Thank you.

Thank you Lord for an amazing night.  I needed it.

Tomorrow, lots of homework, horseback riding, and eventually, sleep.

Stability and cliches

(In advance, I apologize for all the spamming I’m doing with all these posts.  I just want to get plenty out today.  I’ve also been backlogging these posts on piece of paper.  They are all getting written out.)

I desire stability and cliches

Red roses and constancy

Knowing that my texts

Will always be received

And returned, along with

A smiley face or a less than 3.

I’m erratic like Arrhythmia

Fast, quick, changing, scary.

I need an anchor who brings

Bouquets of roses, daffodils, or lily.

I want to hold someone hand and

have my cheek pecked, while knowing

Always knowing that I will not be neglected.

That I won’t be dropped or forgotten

Or dumped.

I desire stability, so fucking stay

I want cliches, so let’s find a few

Like let me borrow your jacket

Or dance with me

Be my wall and I’ll be your girl

Be my man, and I’ll be your world

Don’t disappoint me like all the others

Don’t run away, please just fucking


and be my handsome cliche

(Should anyone who knows me personally find this, I make this clear.  This is about no one in particular.  This is what I want in a relationship.  It is not meant for my ex or my crush or anyone else.  This is me, for me)

A little lounge on campus

I have found a small area of peace on North Campus.

At my college, we have a North campus and a South campus.  I live on South campus, in a series of apartments owned by the university.  South campus consists of several apartment complexes, a small store, several parking lots, a health and science building, and our football field, as well as a variety of other sports fields and a nature walk area.

North campus is where all of the traditional dormitories are and where the class buildings are.  There’s the student center and several places to eat.  North campus is also where my ex and his new girlfriend tend to reside, as both of them have dormitories in the buildings on North.

So, I tend to spend most of my time on South campus, in my apartment with my little cat and my two best friends/ roommates, and the one really f*cking crazy one.

Today, however, I found a place of reprieve on North campus.  There is a lounge on the third floor of the student center.  It’s quiet and warm and is full of windows.  Sunshine is important to me because of all the winter blues and things like that.  It’s quiet and there are couches and arm chairs.  You can sleep in peace or do homework or read or whatever you think you’d like to do that is relatively silent.

I have another place I like to go, but Starbucks is different.  That has a very specific hipster, college student feel to it.  There’s too much hustle and bustle, although the smell of caffeine brewing is indescribable (more like heaven really).  I also am doing my best to not run into my stupid ex.  So I do my best avoid places where he tends to be.

This lounge though… he has his room and his new girlfriend’s place and all the lounges in their two buildings.  I have this little space on North where I know to be safe.  Calm.  Quiet.  Safe.

Here I can read, write, type, sleep, breathe.

Disney Hipster Princess Musical

Hipster Disney Princess Musical

What is this you ask?

This is what makes me smile regularly throughout the day.  It kills me.  I love it to death.

Not only are hipsters… interesting?, but the Disney princesses are some of my favorite characters.   I love that someone has combined them and turned them into a song.

The song is catchy and has so many things I love.  It’s even in NYC!  Belle is in time square for portions of it.




So many flowers

Pretty pink petals

Virtuous white blossoms

Their fragrance speaks for themselves


So powerful in their colors or their bleach

Fragile to the slightest breeze, rain, a footstep


I have always loved flowers, even though they give me the sniffles in the spring.  Their smell is wonderful and I love to just sit and sketch them.  I haven’t been able to as of late, since it is winter and there are no flowers.  However, I want to let you all know that I am a giant fan of botanical gardens.  I love green houses filled with greenery and flowers.  I feel like a fairy when I’m inside them.

Once upon a time, my ex took me to a botanical garden.  It was New Year’s Eve.  He took me to this room with hundred of orchids.

I felt so at peace.  I love flowers.

I hope to return to some botanical garden some day and take pictures, bring my notebook with me.  See if the flighty fairy muses will appear and grant me a story.


Be like the flower

Who even gives its fragrance

To the hand that crushes it


With two steps, he invaded her personal space

Although, he was entirely welcome  there

He wound his hands in her luscious locks

The curls crafting chocolate rings around his digits


He hummed slowly at the feel of her hands on him

The sound reverberating between muscles and bone

With heavy lids covering liquid eyes

He pressed his older, more experience lips to hers


Coy, teasing, cloying was how she kissed

As if she were the more experienced of the pair

Her definitively feminine body pressed to his

Soft curves brushing lush, hard angles


His hand tugged, making her lovely neck stretch

A mewl left her mouth as he became violent

Kissing and biting her neck, marking her

Although, no one would ever see it


Behind the door of his classroom, the teacher

Kisses his students, despite the morality of the situation

She preys on him with her lips, hands, body

And he is but a mouse to her hawkish tendencies


(This poem is based off of a story I have been writing for a few years, one based on an illicit student/teacher relationship.  I felt like revisiting it.  My muse has been strange lately)

Life with a zombified laptop

Morning WordPressers,

I finally got a full night’s sleep!  YAY!

However, as of this moment in time, I have to warn you all.  my laptop has been half alive.  I can’ seem to get it to work for more than a few hours a day and therefore, my post may be few and far in between for a bit.  I shall do my best to have as many posts as I can.

To makeup for my lack of posts, i should be posting one or two in the next few hours.

Be well bloggers, today is looking up!

HOPE and cats

Now, since I didn’t have the greatest day yesterday, I wanted to put something up that makes me smile.  The vile of hope is one of my favorite pictures.

And I just love cats!

Hope is all I have some days.  It’s all anyone has some days.  Hope is what I feed on and what I desire.  Hope keeps me going.  It will keep you going as well.  I have faith, I believe.


And so does this adorable cat!