The little things

She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work


Like cream dispersing into coffee, swirling, marbled

And letting her body wake, not to the sound of an alarm


Folding laundry, warm and heady from the dryer

Late night interludes with her loud mouth cat


Fixing dinner for herself, crafting, creating and dining

The quiet laughter of a group of friends, together and apart


She loves the feeling of her extended showers,  steamed perfection

And the pages of silken books that slip through her fingers


There’s the tender kiss of her boyfriend’s mouth to her’s

As well as his sleeping search for her, to cuddle, to hold


She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work

Broadway Bound Again!

I am unsure if I posted that on this blog or the other, so I will simply retell it here.

Every summer for the past three years, my mother and I have found the time and the energy (and the cash) to venture forth to New York City for a day or two, to go and see a Broadway show (or two) and to generally just wander around and enjoy the city the never sleeps.  I personally love this city and feel strangely at peace there.  There’s this pulse to the city, this pulse that thrums and hums and beats and it feels like… perfection to me.

However, this year we were unsure if we wanted to go or not.  We were unsure of what shows we’d go see, mostly because the big draw for the pair of us is to go and see a show.  WE FOUND SOME SHOWS THOUGH!

We are going to go see Cinderella on Broadway, as well as Newsies!

Both look spectacular and I am enthralled already.

Look out NYC, I’m coming back 🙂

random sexy poem

Pushed against the wall

Brick digging into shoulder blades

Pull my hair, light my fire

But be warned

I’m not the only one

Who is going to get Burned


Follow me down the path

Where roses bleed heat

And ivory skin is scarred by thorns

Moans and groans scent the air

The perfume of desire

Has never smelled so sweet


Now don’t turn me away

Or I’ll shackle those thoughts

Unburden that mouth

Until you achieve pliancy

Melting, morphing

Into this stunning nymph



Remember those flower questions?

Alright so two days ago, I did a questionnaire on flowers.

The questions kind of sparked something and my muse is waking up form her long slumber post finals.

I think I’d like to post some one shots that the flower questions inspired.  In the mean time, I’m still doing the questions a day.

My day has been… really lazy.  It’s ‘that time of the month’ and my cramps are kicking my ass.  I laid in bed all day watching youtube videos or reading or writing.  Really, it was attempting to write.


Day Four Questions: Music

1.  Do you have a favorite kind of music?  I don’t actually.  I have music that I love to listen to, but it changes so frequently.  I like to listen to lots of things.  Music is a form of expression for me and it’s something that I find thrilling.  I listen to classical, pop, punk, rock, country (to name a few).  Music speaks to me, so I listen to all of it.

2. What song is currently stuck in your head?  ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!nk featuring Nate Ruess.  It’s been playing on the radio a lot when I go out with the boy and it’s very good.  I also really like Nate Ruess

3. Are their song lyrics that you find yourself connecting to a bad time in your life?  “Back to the sun/ Back to the shore/ Back to what I was before/ Back where I’m known/ back in my own very small pond/ Laugh with my friends/ when I arrive/ We’ll drop the top and just drive/ that’s fine with me/ Just let me be/ Legally Blonde”  This song is form the musical Legally Blonde, it’s sung after Elle gets hit on by Callahan and starts to leave.  It is a heart breaking song, one i immediately latched on to after my break up last year.  I played it on rep

4. Did you ever play an instrument?  I played the clarinet for ten years, starting in elementary school and finishing up with a year in college.   I also picked up piano senior year of high school and have been fiddling around with it ever since.

5. Were you ever in a band?  Not a garage band, but school bands?  Yes.  I was in my elementary school band, my middle school concert band, my high school concert band, my high school MARCHING BAND, and one year of college marching band.  

6. Do you find that music helps in certain situations or hurts?  Music, for me at least, helps no matter what.  You just have to find the right music.

7. What’s the first album you remember owning?  The Pokemon television soundtrack.  

8. Musicals: Yay or Nay?  YAY!  YES!  I love musicals, was in them in middle school, and have always loved a good show.

9. Does music inspire you?  All the time.  Usually to write

10. Theme music for a show that you still remember from when you were a kid.  The As Told by Ginger theme music.

11. Last song you listened to?  I’m Alive sung by Aaron Tveit

Day three questions: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Les Mis, Sherlock, Phantom, and Merlin

I know this is way more than eleven, but I really like these

The Doctor: Someone I miss?   I miss my parents quite a bit.  I mean, they aren’t that far away from me, but I still miss them when i’m gone for long periods of time.  I just come home and am like… Yes
Rose Tyler: The furthest place I’ve travelled to?  New Orleans and Ontario, Canada.  I’ve never really left the East Coast of the USA though….
Mickey Smith: My first relationship?  Lasted seven months and we fought constantly.  Now we’re friends though.
Martha Jones: Have I ever loved someone who didn’t feel the same?  Hasn’t everyone?  The last person…. actually was many years ago.
Donna Noble: A time I forgot something really important.  Actually this morning.  I completely forgot about my orientation meeting at the new apartment, but they had other days so I switched my appointment time and now am like… IDIOT
The Master: Something I’d stop at nothing to get.  Published, a teaching job, love, happiness.
Wilf: Somewhere I really want to travel to.  the mid West, California, and New York City again and again.
Jackie Tyler: 5 facts about my family.  1. We’ve lost a member of the family ever year since I graduated.  2. I am one 1/32 Native American from my great grandmother’s side (the only way you can tell on me is the high cheek bones, my brother in the summer time looks like a Native American thanks to the sun)   3.We have recently gone gluten free at my house hold.  4. My father and I have a tradition of watching ‘The Boondocks Saints’ every Thanksgiving.  5. My family is supportive.  Like crazy supportive.  What ever you want to do, they say to do it.
Jack Harkness: 3 things I like about myself.  I like my hair, I love my sense of wit, and I love that I am perfectly at ease with children.
Ianto Jones: Have I ever told someone ‘I love you’?  Yes.  Just this morning in fact.
Toshiko Sato: A time when things seemed hopeless.  After a break up last year, I was little … well I was very hopeless.  Heart break is something I have dealt frequently and every time it crushes me.
Gwen Cooper: Have I ever lied to someone I love?  Yes, I have lied to someone I loved.  My parents.  
Owen Harper: Have I ever lost someone close to me?  Of course, an uncle, grandparents, a great grandmother.
PC Andy: A dream of mine.  To be published, to be married, to have kids.
Jilly Kitzinger: Am I a ‘people-person’?  Umm…. mostly?  I can be?  I mean, I don’t mind it.  I feel like I am more of an introvert than extrovert.
Jean Valjean: A time I was unfairly punished for something.  Well, I haven’t stolen, I haven’t really done anything like that.  So damned if I know.
Inspector Javert: A time I was determined to do something.  Last spring I was determined to get a job so I applied to approximately ten different places.  
Fantine: Someone I’d do anything for.  My students, my kids, my love, my family
Marius: Have I ever seriously fallen out with someone in my family?  I mean… not me specifically, but we have had falling outs with people in the family.  That is a sore spot.
Enjolras: Something I’d die for.  Love, children, 
Grantaire: Do I drink alcohol?  Very little, and only once in a while.  I am not a fan of being drunk or buzzed, just lightly tipsy
Bishop Myriel: A time when I did something selfless.  Anytime involving children or the people I love.
Cosette: Am I in love with someone?  Yes I am.  🙂
Eponine: Do I have any siblings?  Yes, just the one, my little brother.  I have ‘siblings’ from college though.
Sally Donovan: Someone I really, really hate.  I hate my former best friend.  She was… a very bad issue many years ago.  
John Watson: My best friend?  an excellent question.  I suppose it could be Pixie or SteamPunk or Azure or Amy Pond or Pretty in Pink, and definitely my boy
Sherlock Holmes: Something I’m good at.  Making children smile
Christine Daae: Who am I closest to in my family?  My mother.
Raoul: Am I still in touch with any childhood friends?  Bass Man.  He and I have known each other since I was  in third grade.
Phantom: Am I hiding anything?  Nothing really.
Anderson: A time someone did my job better than me.  Most times with many things.  
DI Lestrade: Have I ever broken the rules to get a job done?  Yes, I have tried and bent the rules with a few things.
Mrs. Hudson: Someone who’s like my family but I’m not related to?  A teacher from high school, a few friends.
Molly Hooper: Have I ever been turned down by anyone?  Yup.  That was an awkward situation.
Merlin: Have I ever helped someone in a way that hurt me?  Quite frequently.  I gave a friend the green light to date my ex.  that hurt like a bitch.
Arthur Pendragon: Have I got any friends I never expected to make?    Yes, I did not expect to be friends with quite a few people that I adore now.
Gwen: Have I ever fallen in love with someone I didn’t expect to?  When do you expect to fall in love?
Morgana: Something I believe strongly in?  Love.  Freedom, beauty, truth and LOVE

Grades and why I feel like they don’t matter as much

This is the lovely time of year when the grades are posted after finals.

My grades you ask?  Why I got a B-, B, B+, and an A.  For me, that is literally like… good for me, especially since I had mono at the beginning of the semester and missed the first and part of the second week.  I think that all things considered, I am ok with my grades.  I did good enough, my GPA is good and I am fine with them.

I hate people who freak out about grades.  I have never freaked out about a grade, not fucking ever.  A lot of people I know react like it’s life or death, and maybe for them it is.

For me?

Grades don’t matter that much to me.  What are grades after college?  A GPA, little rattle of numbers to be looked upon during job interviews.  Ten years down the road, are people going to ask you about your GPA?

No, I feel like they aren’t.  I feel like grades once you get into the real world are just numbers, meaningless numbers.  Like, that’s been my position on grades since middle school.  They don’t freaking matter.  Are you failing?  No?  Good.  I am not an over achiever, I have a tendency to try my best and see where that goes.   If it doesn’t take me to an A, but a B?  GREAT!  I FREAKING TRIED.

I apologize for the ranty post.  I just got super irritable because Mayzie was like, “Hey, I got a 4.0, it’s perfect just like me (NOT).  Wat did youg et?  Why won’t you tell me, did you fail?  You failed didn’t you.”  I don’t care if she’s joking, if I don’t want to share it’s none of your goddamn fucking business what I got.


Day Two Questions: Inspired by flowers

Here’s the deal.  I will answer eleven questions each day on a topic of my choosing.  You (my lovely followers) are free to ask more questions in the comments that I would be happy to answer.  No repeating questions, no repeating topics.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (or questions rather…)

Roses: Who is your love interest?   My boyfriend.  He’s … amazing.

Lilacs: Do you consider yourself beautiful and innocent?  Beautiful, some days.  My self esteem goes up and down.  Innocent?  Not particularly.  I can act innocent, but I do not think I am innocent in a sexual sense of the word or in a worldly sense of the word.  

Irises: Do you have words worth spreading?  Wise words?   I’d like to think I do.  I like to think I have words worth saying.  I am one of those people who doesn’t necessarily think I need to spread my words all the time.  But I try to spread wisdom?

Gladiolus: Are you violent?  Goodness yes.  I hit when I get mad, I do martial arts to cool down after arguments.  I can be violent but I also can be… non violent?  Ha, no way.

Lilies: Have you lost someone important to you?  Yes.  Two grandparents and a dear uncle and several beloved pets.  

Protea: Are you courageous?  I can be.  I am a Hufflepuff for a reason.  I can be courageous in situations, especially with boys and sometimes with other things (like rock climbing)

Peony: Are you lucky?  I count my blessings.  I am truly lucky.  I have good health for the most part.  I have an amazing boyfriend and wonderful friends who care about me.  I have parents who support me and a career that will keep me afloat.  I have books and technology and am blessed.  

Orchid: Are you a charming person?  Can I be?  Well, in certain situations.  What constitutes charming anyway?

Statice: What do you like to remember?  I like to remember hugs and kisses and quotes from books and people I like and birthdays and animal facts and happy things.

Sunflower: What brings you happiness?  Animals, my boy, Pretty in Pink, Horsing Around, Pixie, SteamPunk, Hellcat, Azure and Amy, books ( so many books), music, soft sheets, cuddling, flowers, summer time, swimming, children, love, video games, makeup, dresses, shorts, flip flops, hair cuts and painting my nails.  (for a short list)

Lisianthus: What do you appreciate?  My parents.  for without them I would not exist and not be the person I am today.  They inspire me and keep me pushing towards my goals in life.  They tell me that so long as I try, I can do so much.

Sweet Pea: Are you delicate or sweet?  Delicate… only when bruising.  I bruise like a grape.  I bumped into something in my bathroom today and already have this giant bruise on my leg.  Sweet?  I try.  I try to be sweet and maniacal and sweet……

Tulip: Are you elegant or graceful?  Two left feet.  I like to think I can be elegant when the situation calls for it.  I just usually end up… falling.

Hydrangea: Have you endured/ suffered for beauty?  Prom Hair dos, enough said.

Fresia: Who is your best friend?  I suppose…. my boy, Pretty in Pink, and hellcat are the people I turn to the most.  There’s also .45 and Call Me Maybe.

Day One Questions: The Future!

Here’s the deal.  I will answer eleven questions each day on a topic of my choosing.  You (my lovely followers) are free to ask more questions in the comments that I would be happy to answer.  No repeating questions, no repeating topics.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (or questions rather…)

1.  What is your future career choice?  Do you have more than one? Why did you choose it? Technically I have about five career options for my future.  If we’re going by the degree I’m going to get at college, then I will be an elementary school teacher of some form.  My degree is for teaching pre K through fourth grade and in a year (JUST ONE YEAR) I’ll have that in my hand.  I chose it because I really like kids and teaching seemed to be a very logical next step in the scheme of things.  That being said, there is another I could do with my degree.  I could be a nanny, a full time nanny.  Again, my degree would put me at an advantage because I have the experience and I am good with kids.  If I were to go back to school, I’d kind of like to get a degree so I could be a librarian.  I love books and I love helping people get books and find things they like.  I would rather enjoy being surrounded by books all day.  Speaking of books, career option number four is a writer.  I have never had anything published and it is a a very far off dream but I would love to have something published before I die.  I like to write and it’s something of a lasting imprint.  Final career option is to be a mother.  Some people wouldn’t necessarily call it a career, but I think of it as one of the most rewarding things.  I will be a mother one day, in addition to one of the above careers as well.  Kids are what make me happy and to have my own kids with a man I love is something of a perfect dream.  Even with the no sleeping.

2. Where do you think you’ll live in the next five years?  I think I will end up somewhere much like I was raised, a township with good school, somewhere in suburbia.  As much as I love  New York City, I don’t think it would be a place I’d want to constantly live.  I like simplicity, somewhere with a bookshop or coffee shop, somewhere with playgrounds and street lights. Somewhere I could call home

3. Quick!  You’ve just time traveled into the future!  What’s the one thing you’d like to see that has happened to society?  Personally, I’d like to see acceptance.  We judge, as humans often do, so many things.  We judge those we do not understand or those we think are wrong.  We just those who do not conform to the ‘norms’ of society.  I would like to see acceptance in the future.  Acceptance of religions without pushing your own onto someone else, acceptance of sexuality without saying ‘they’ll grow out of it’, acceptance of body type without calling someone fat, acceptance of everyone and everything.  Feel the love guys. (that was a really sappy and personal post)

4.  What will you do on this upcoming Saturday night?  What about next Saturday in a year?  In five years?  This specific Saturday in 2013, I will probably be at the beach with my boy and wonderful friend Pretty in Pink (BTW she just graduated!).  We will be drinking and laughing and playing silly games most likely.  In a Saturday in a year,  2014, I will probably still be trying to figure out how I graduated and be moving out of my house into a new place or back into my house or into an apartment or something.  I’ll also be begging for my nanny job back because it is a sweet deal.  On a Saturday in May in (counts on fingers) 2018, I would like to be married or engaged, maybe pregnant.  For my teaching job, pre schoolers, I would be thinking of lessons to end out the year and thinking of the beach vacation I’d like to take. 

5. Name six tv shows, books, or video games that are coming out soon that you cannot wait for.  Season three of Sherlock because the Reichenbach Falls was quite possibly the most traumatic thing for me to watch ever.  The 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who because DAVID TENNANT IS COMING BACK AND SO IS BILLIE PIPER!!!!!!  They are my favorite.  Arkham Origins because umm well, I loved the first two games and this one looks to be fantastic as well.  The Sims 4 because sims are fantastic and I love playing with them and if my laptop didn’t suck so much, I would still be playing with them…. Pokemon X and Y because I have a serious love for those games.  I like pokemon, always will.  They just make me feel like a little kid.  As for books… I am unsure what to put here, the majority of the series I have read are finished up and I am curious to see where I will go next in search of book.  As always, I await John Green’s next novel, what ever it may be.  

6.  What do you think your great great great grandmother (or grandfather) would have to say about the present (their future)?  I get the feeling my great great grandmother, who was part Native American, would tell me that I either needed to put on more clothes or to not take any shit from anyone.  From the stories I’ve heard, my great great grandmother was something of a minor bad ass in her time.  I also think she would be impressed at how far women have come in today’s society.

7. What technological advances are you looking forward in the future?  The green person in me says sustainable energy.  It’s the way of the future.  I think that someday, we’ll all be hooked up to it and the dependency on fossil fuels will lesson greatly, therefore making us a greener place.  (Yes, I like green).  I am alos looking forward to flying cars.  Why?  Because flying cars are awesome.

8. Utopian futuristic society or Dystopian futuristic society?  Which do you think is more likely?  Can one survive without the other?  With all the horrifying dystopian movies that are coming out, I have to believe that we are headed int hat direction.  The hopeful person in me desperately wants a Utopian society.  But then again, can the world truly be perfect?  Could we possibly achieve a place so peaceful and safe?  What would the sacrifices be?

9.  Name something you hate about the future.  The inevitability of change.  While I know change is good, I hate not quite knowing where I am going next.

10. What name do you hope will be popular in the future?  With all the people who read for a living, I hope that many literary names become prominent.  Names Like Agustus, Hazel, Harry, Hermione, Arya, Daenerys, and the like.

11. Speaking of the future, what are you going to do next?  My bet is probably continue to sit in bed and browse the interwebs, make lunch, and do laundry and the dishes

My cat is currently stretched out on my lap: post about laziness/productivity

Here I am on the first Monday that I haven’t had college classes, finals, meetings with my student teaching adviser, or homework to finish up at the last minute.  (I still need to send in a form…. shoot, should do that today as well…)  How have I spent my morning thus far?  I showered, had breakfast and a little cup of coffee, and have been sitting watching youtube videos, pinning things on pintrest, reading about the take over of tumblr via the demonic yahoo, and petting my cat.  She is currently the happiest creature in this apartment because I have no where to go, so she’s sprawled herself across my lap and is using my arm as a pillow.  Any time I move my arm, she gives me a look.  However, once I pet her, she is satiated.

What a nice thing it must be, to be a cat.  Her only expectations are to not poop outside of the litter box.  She get fed, plays, runs around, and naps all day long.  I feel like cats definitely have a good life.

Some days I wish i could be like a cat, not have to do work or various other things like make myself food or find entertainment.

The thing of it is though, I really like being me.  I like being productivity, whatever that may mean.  It could me finishing all my papers and lesson plans before the dead line or it could mean beating a couple levels of Arkham City on my next play through. (Anyone seen the Arkham Origins trailer?  IT LOOKS SO GOOD!)  It could mean writing in a story that I haven’t touched in a bit.   It could mean doing laundry and doing the dishes and packing.  Productivity is subjective to your goals.

Speaking of goals, since my posts have been sparse lately, I thought I might give myself a little something to do for the last eleven days of this month.  I’m going to do questionnaires.  I really like answering questions, I find it easier to start babbling when I have a topic to go off of.  So, there will be one, with a theme or some idea to it every day for the next eleven days.  ENJOY!

Also, in case anyone was wondering about what my goals for today are….

I’d like to put away the dishes (again, no one in the apartment puts away the clean dishes), run the dish washer with dirty dishes in it, do my laundry, paint my nails, play Arkham City, and make some healthy meals today.  For a super goal: I’d like to walk into town and wander around.  However, that is a goal that would take a bit as town is an hour walk.



I got done a lot of my to do list!  I put the dishes away, did laundry and folded it, painted my nails, played video games and made mostly healthy meals.  (My salad greens had wilted and I was super pissed about that.)  I also cleaned a lot of my room and that makes me super happy as well.  I am know headed out for a bit and am struggling with what to wear.  I think jeans and sneakers and a t shirt and a light jacket should be okay.