About a Girl

Hello there!

My name… isn’t something I”ll hand out.  Just call me Blondie.   Yes, like the eighties artist.  But not exactly like her…

Let me get into some details.

I am in college and turned twenty one not too long ago.  I’m five three, blonde, blue eyed and curvy.  That’s just the physical side.

Mentally?  Aside from being very very crazy, I can be shy, but am often not.  I am caring and loving and happy usually.  I am quick of wit and easy to make laugh.  I am accepting of all things and I do my best to make everyone happy.  That will most likely be my downfall.

On another note, I love to read, write, listen and sing (adequately) to music, drink coffee and tea, watch tv, babysit, and help people out.

This blog is in conjunction with another blog.  Due to some… personal complications, I need a place to post my personal posts so that a certain individual cannot find them.  So I choose to write them here.  My one blog will be solely about certain subject matter, while this one will be… a diary of sorts.  A place to rant.

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