Quieting Ease

There is a quieted silence

an easy weight on my shoulders

As I wake up, feed the cats

who scuttle beneath my feet.


Although I could return

to those soft sheets, still warm

I stay up, make something to eat

Pull out things to do


Creating a list of things

to do, dishes, litter, nails

I stop to pause, listening

to that quiet of summer in my house


Heat beaten back by air conditioning

Bugs fluttering away at windows

Meows of a lonely cat

An easy moment amongst my days


Love thy friends

For they will pick you up drunk

and pick you up from the dark corners of your head

Laughter created and memories made

Love thy friends



Love those who are different from you

No matter how scary they can be

They are people like you and me

And so long as they do not hurt anyone

Love those who are different from you



Love thy animals

Both big and small, for all bring big comfort

Do not abandon them to the shelter

Keep them, for you are their everything

Love thy animals



Love thy partner

For they make you smile. Be their light and

They shall be yours.  Treat them with golden kindness

In return, golden bands that span eternity

Love thy partner



Love thyself

For you are amazing

Exactly, promptly, perfectly

The way you are

Love thyself



A really strange morning that turned around thanks to a smoothie

Alright, so I keep waking up at all odd hours of the morning, which is both bad and strange since mono means I should be sleeping more… not less.

Today I woke up at five thirty.  And have not yet gone back to sleep.

Then our kitchen is something of a disaster right now, no one will empty the dish washer and we’ve got dishes that are slowly trying to take over the kitchen. They sent their warning message to me today by launching a champagne glass at me.  I deflected it, but the glass did not fare so well.  It shattered on the floor.  So I cleaned that up and I felt really bad about breaking a glass and so I sulked back to my room and worked on my paper project for today and got ready and then went to get paperwork signed.

While I was out getting paperwork done, I was listening to this absolutely awesome playlist that gave me an idea based on a gif I saw which sparked something else entirely!  In short, I started writing in starbucks while I drank my orange mango smoothie.  It was delicious.  🙂  The smoothie got me all excited and I got back home and I wrote…

I’m still writing and very pleased about it 🙂


What did Santa leave me under the tree?

I guess I’ve been a good girl this year because good old St Nick left me some pretty nice things under my tree! I got

  • An iPod touch, generation five to replace my brick ( an old classic iPod from 2005 or so)
  • A make up bag and brush set ( I didn’t have brushes )
  • four really great sweaters ( a black turtle neck, a gray and turquoise striped one with a cowl neck, a black cowl neck with a belt and short sleeves, and a gray v neck one that is loose)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (it smells like acai berry)
  • Socks!!! ( I am a big fan of warm, woolly socks)
  • Tall brown leather boots ( they are gorgeous)
  • A fossil watch ( because I needed a new watch)
  • The journal of Impossible things and a sonic screwdriver pen (my dad got me that. It makes me really happy he got me something Doctor Who related because he likes old Who and I like new Who and it makes me really happy to see that he did that. )
  • A mug that says Royal Highness on it
  • Giftcards to iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Ulta

That is it I believe. If I realize I have forgotten anything, I will edit the post.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Winter Blues Problems 1

Ugh, this is why I stay in bed.

The Winter Blues make me so worried about everything.  Every little last thing worries me.  If you have a conflict with me, then it’s going to cause at least twice the stress of the average conflict because this time of year makes me crazy.  If there’s stress in the house or the apartment, then as an empathetic person I hold on to it.  It makes me sad and crazy because my hold over my own emotions is so tenuous.  That’s why I like happy people, they make me happy.

I woke up early and now all I want to do is sleep.  Perhaps I’ll fit in a nap between running around and visiting people.

Cuddles, I desire cuddles

Love for little ones

As a few of you know, I teach.  Or well, I want to teach.  I am in college so that I will be able to teach one day.  

This semester I worked with some of the most amazing and sweet pre schoolers.  They touched my heart in so many ways and I can’t thank them enough. 

When I heard about the shooting, I was heartbroken.  Those children, those little kindergarteners were so young, they had so much ahead of them.  to have someone take that away is cruel and horrible.  I kept thinking ‘what if those were my kids’ all day today.  

My heart goes out to those affected by the shooting in Conneticut today.  My prayers and thoughts are with you.