Hey everyone!

So school is just about finished up (one more freaking final, it’s not even a real final, it’s a presentation) and then I will have freedom for three weeks before starting work!

What have I been up?

Aside from breaking out (stress), taking finals, working on moving out of my college apartment into partially my boy’s place, mostly back home, and (eventually) into my new apartment, and running around shopping for groceries (and the occasional piece of make up), I’ve been doing really well.  I haven’t necessarily been sleeping great.  I pulled some muscle in my shoulder and since I sleep on my side … it has been difficult.  Also, during finals I have never slept well.  I get crazy stressed, my face breaks out, and I get nightmares and so….

Sleep and I haven’t been on great terms.

Otherwise, all has been going well.  I should be doing laundry right now, but I am just really comfortable and reading.

I will post again once I am done finals.

Love to you all

Just one more final

Just one more final and I will be free

And on another note, the guy I went out on a date with?  It’s all going well.  He’s come over quite a bit, but a lady never kisses and tells.  😉  Slow is the word for what is going on.  Any of you who assume otherwise only make an ass out of you and me.  SLOW.  I will not jump into anything.  I won’t.

I feel a need to write some poetry, however I am unsure what about…

I am running on four hours of sleep because I wanted to finish my paper last night, but then some people came over and I stayed up until close to two.  So I woke up early and finished it.  It’s not bad.

Just need to do my reflection.

But first, a well earned nap.

So my final exam fro my Shakespeare class is yet another normal lecture.  But this time, there’s food and coffee.  Thank you cause I did not have breakfast this morning.  Apple juice and Sunchips and cookies.  My final paper is called “Everyone dies”  I think it’s clever and rather spot on.

God damn you, my need to sleep.