Feeling good

So today was interesting.

I went out with Azure to wander around town.  We had a great time.  We went into this little boutique and were trying on dresses.  The woman, this little Asian lady, saw that I had a small in this pretty lace dress.  She looks at me, pats my stomach, and says I might want the next size up.

First off, I’m all for comfort, but no one who doesn’t know my first name should be touching me.  Even then… Like on the arm is good.  The stomach?


And then she goes and insults me and my tummy.

So we left and I felt like shit cause Azure, she’s going to be bashful when she reads this, is gorgeous.  Like she models gorgeous, like men honked at us on the street gorgeous.

When we got back, we both put on dresses and took pictures.

I look stunning.  I know I’m gorgeous.  Sometimes I lose track of it.  Beauty is not just the skin you’re in.  It’s your attitude and optimism and happiness and life and pursuits.  I’m beautiful cause I can read in a dress and heels and look like a sexy bookworm!  I’m beautiful because I can love.

(I realize that my writing is not up to par, I’m tired and am jumping around a lot.)

One of my favorite things: flower

I have a thing for flowers.  Evolution wise, we as humans have no need for them.  We have no need.  They do not offer us anything biologically.  I think, however, we need them for their beauty.  I think we need them for their scents and wild colors and the magic they spread with blossoms in the spring.  I adore flowers, especially tree blossoms.  In the spring time, we have a dogwood tree in our back yard.  The blossoms aren’t as big of red or thick as these, but they are gorgeous none the less.  They are pale pink and have a Biblical connotation  something I’m sure I”ll get into later.  However, in the tree I have a few branches that I may perch in.  I sit up in the branches, with the spring sunshine warming my skin and a book in my hand.  I never try to bring tea up with me because I burned myself once when doing it.  I love reading the trees though.  It makes the whole experience more surreal and more wonderful than I can imagine.  I adore it.

Read in trees