Requirements of a future home

There will need to be a soft couch

A place for cuddling with fleece blankets

For tickling, popcorn,kisses,  and movies

Projected on the opposing wall

A couch where we can both fit


There will need to a wooden cabinet

For the china inherited from my Nana

For the picture frames from both our sides

The knick knacks from travels and

For the treasures our future brings


There will need to be a closet

Where your pants and my skirts

will mingle between washing

Where our shoes will sit and

the linens will gather that perfume


There will need to be a study

Technically it will be  library

Where our books will sit and more

Shall appear every time we

Head out to a store, to place


There will need to be a washing machine

For the days when paint just won’t come out

Of my dress pants, or the oil stains turn

Dark on you work shirts.  And especially for

The socks that carry their own scent


There will need to be a dog, and quite

Possibly a cat.  There will need to be something

Furry and soft and loyal, happy to see me and you

Something to play with, some one to adore

Perhaps a German Shepard and a Scottish fold


There will need to be a bed

A bed with calming blue and brown sheets

A bed for sleeping, for reading, for playing games

A bed for working late and for breakfast in

Most importantly, a bed for loving you




This is what I love about being a blogger.  Since I am happy, I will post happy pictures.  So here is an adorable kitty cat.  Precious.

This kitty cat also signifies where I will be for a few days.


While I will still travel north bound for internet, assume that I am resting, after a few nights with little sleep.  I will post, most likely a lot.  I’m thinking of writing a story.  Would anyone be interested in reading it if I posted it here?  I’m a versatile writer, I am curious to see people’s reactions.

UP NEXT: A post with people’s names because I am getting tired of writing he or she or him or her.  Inspired by a friend of mine’s post.


Sudden Need to do Nothing

Well this bites.

I woke up early.  Showered.  Blow dried my hair.  Made scrambled eggs and toast.  Fed the cat.  Posted on blog.  I woke up all excited and happy because I felt good.


I just felt this sudden wave of … inability.  I just want to curl up in bed and read or nap or something. Argh.

Winter blues suck some days.  Alright, stay positive.

I think I will continue to stay in bed.  The library doesn’t open until noon and the  Starbucks next to it doesn’t open until two.  I really want a gingerbread latte while I do my arts and craft things for my lesson plan.  I think I will be patient then.  Take a short nap, read a little of my Regency Romance Collection, blog a bit, and around two or three go to the library to do work.  Note to self: before going to library pick up overdue books and papers to make letters.


Well, on the plus side… NAP TIME