The little things

She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work


Like cream dispersing into coffee, swirling, marbled

And letting her body wake, not to the sound of an alarm


Folding laundry, warm and heady from the dryer

Late night interludes with her loud mouth cat


Fixing dinner for herself, crafting, creating and dining

The quiet laughter of a group of friends, together and apart


She loves the feeling of her extended showers,  steamed perfection

And the pages of silken books that slip through her fingers


There’s the tender kiss of her boyfriend’s mouth to her’s

As well as his sleeping search for her, to cuddle, to hold


She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work

For I am a Fangirl

Squealing, screaming, squee-ing

High pitched and painful as I find

A Doctor Who poster is perfectly natural

For I am a fangirl


I am enthusiastically into stuff (DFTBA)

Into things like Harry Potter and Sherlock,

Doctor Who, Supernatural, Tumblr, John and Hank Green

For I am a fangirl


I can quote and recite and repeat phrases and ideas

that have fallen from the mouths of JK, or Moffet

I can dress like Ten or Nine, a bowtie for Eleven

For I am a fangirl


I can speak about the Host Club, about Haruhi

And all those wonderful boys.  I can talk about Sailor Moon

And As Told By Ginger and every other nineties cartoon

For I am a fangirl


But most of all, I own books

Thousands of volumes and tomes and editions

From Pretty Women to Vampire Academy and

So many in between.  I read

For I am a fangirl


(PS I apologize for all the sudden poetry, but I am desperately trying to catch up to my day count for poetry.  I’m oping to get to fifteen or sixteen before I go to sleep.  WISH ME LUCK!)

Hoppy Easter! (see what I did there?)



I know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but either way have an amazing day.

If you do celebrate, what did you get in your Easter basket?

I got some new eye shadow palettes, some gift cards to ULTA, iTunes (which has already been used), and grocery money, as well as… BOOKS!  I got Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen and The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

If you’re wondering what I bought on iTunes, I got a song by Jon Cozart (if you don’t now who he is, go look him up… like fucking now), some songs from teh Next To Normal Soundtrack, Do You Hear the People Sing ? from Les Mis, Titanium by David Guetta, I Am The Doctor, and all of Sherlock Season One soundtrack.  before writing this I was dancing around in my pajamas to the music.  I am happy little bunny today.


(or if you do not celebrate, HAPPY SUNDAY!)

Mermaids and books


The mermaid peaked above the water, holding her long white hair with one hand while the other palmed the blade on her hip.  It wasn’t often the mermaid had to use force, but it certainly set her mind at ease when dealing with the sealers.  The dock was clear, all except for the sealer.  Diving back under, she grappled around for the heavy bag to keep their loot in.  Once again she surfaced without uncertainty, staring at the seller.

He was the seller she liked to look at the most,. As far as humans went, he was not bad looking.  He wasn’t a merman by any standard, but the mermaid enjoyed looking at him.  He was tall, broad shoulder, with hair like the night sky.  His eyes were the same color as the seaweed.  If she were alone, only then would she admit she had a desperate longing to stare at his full lips, maybe even kiss them.  However, she was not alone.  members of the battalion were only a few lengths away.  She was not here to flirt, even though she probably would.  She was here for business.

Her long air clung to her tattooed shoulders and torso, the ends drifting around her like an aura.  The seller had done business with this one before, but for the life of him he could not remember the mermaid’s name.  He did remember the purple anemone eyes and the freckles that traipsed across her pert nose.  The pointed ears stuck out among the glossy slick hair.  He wanted to touch her.  He bowed to her and she nodded.  Consented to do so, e sat down on the edge of the dock, one foot dangling over the damp boards.  Joseph spoke, smiling.

“Good afternoon.”

“To you as well.”  Unlike the humans, her voice was both rough and soften, like thick wool.  It was only when they sang that they sounded unearthly.  The rules that bound mermaid carriers and human sellers did not allow her to sing, nor he to trap.  Only to do business.

“I know I have done business with you before, but I can’t remember your name.”

“Ingenue,” she replied.

“Young and innocent.  Tell me Ingenue, are you young and innocent as your name implies?”

She blushed, looking down.

“Perhaps.  Why do you ask?”

“I”m always curious about those with fins and gilded tattoos.”

Their eyes met and she didn’t look away.  It was he who broke the connection to give her the books.  The transferred the new with the old until he was left with old book and she with new.  he spoke then, watching her fascination with the literature.

“If you permit me, I would like to say thank you.”

“I do permit you,” she responded.

“Then rise up Ingenue.”

With a push, her torso and hips rose from the water, easily visible in the sunlight.   Her tattoos shone as Joseph took her hand and kissed it warmly.  Blushing, she whispered. Her lips barely moving, he nodded.

Se swam away with the book, excited for tomorrow.  while the relations between human an mermaid were frowned upon, no one said there was any harm in flirtation.  After all, he did promise her a book.

A Job I’d be Good at

I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, perusing the young adult novels.  I don’t know why I still love them so much, but I do.  While I was looking for some more books to purchase, this girl and her father were staring at this books series that just released a new book. She was looking for the book I had, so I asked if the book she was looking for was the Indigo Spell.  The girl was like , yes!  I turned and pointed her towards a copy.  She looked so happy.

This could be my second job.  Working in a book store.  Sure, I am unsure how to do stock and many of the other things you need to know.  However, I think that I could be good at working a book store because I help people find things they need or want 🙂

Plenty of things to do, but an unwillingness to do them

As my title states, I have plenty of things to do.  i could start on that outline for reading.  I could make flashcards for Assessment.  I could do my giant amount of graph paper math homework.  I could do paperwork, or clean, or polish my nails because the polish is chipping.  However, all I want to do right now… is nothing.  Or … not really nothing, but just simple things like make my lunch and read my book.

I just started reading The Time Traveler’s Wife again.  I love this book.  This book is beautiful and gorgeous and I absolutely adore in a way that I cannot fathom.  I read it and the words almost sing to me.  That’s how much I love this book.  It also comes with some of my favorite quotes such as ” My apartment is basically a couch, an armchair, and about four thousand books.”  This quote is just… in a way, so picturesque without having to try.  I can easily imagine it.  A small place with a green velvet couch, a maroon colored armchair with coffee stains on it.  There are literally thousands of books.  Some on shelves, others stacked in piles on the floor.  Some hide underneath the chair and some lean on the legs of the couch.  It just sounds perfect to me.

Back to my unwillingness to do things.  I can’t tell if it’s the mono, the February Blahs, or just being lazy.  I just a math response so I feel a little bit less like a bum.  Now I need to make lunch and probably take a nap somewhere in there before I dive into the huge amount of homework that’s waiting.  It’s not huge, but I would rather start it now before things start getting crazy.

What I’d really like to try to do today is finish the first chapter of a story I started over the weekend.  I think I might be able to now, I just needed a little push or so.  Hopefully I will post it up here and see what you guys think.  But first, I need to send it off to my editor (Bass Man)  to see what he thinks.  It’s been a while since I’ve concretely tried writing anything.  I just end up feeling so bad about not finishing shit….

I would like to admit that I think I made the greatest playlist ever.   It just went from Chasing Cars to The Final Countdown.  I love it 🙂

Alright, so more on my rants, I really want some money to buy new clothes from Modcloth.  I am not usually in the mood to buy new clothes, but they are so cute.  There’s this sweater with the word lover on it in a little red heart.  Then there’s a red cotton skirt that would go with it along with some tights and my chucks.  There there’s these high rise jeans that look absolutely banging, that I could wear with the white polka dotted shirt or the black one or the green and yellow plaid.  Don’t get me started on the shoes, there’s a gray pair with subtle little faces on them and a yellow and white striped pair of flats and I want it all.  It’s really pricey though and I am ranting.

I think it’s time for lunch and nap.  Be back in a while, perhaps with a story or a poem!

Book Questions

I love questions.  I enjoy asking them and answering them.  I am unsure if I have told you all this already, but I do.  I love questions.  I love to be asked and to ask ( I’m repeating myself already, oh dear…)

I found these thirty book questions on tumblr and felt like answering them on my blog.  Feel free to comment or ask your own questions.

1) If you could travel to one place you’ve read about in a book, what place would you visit and what book was it from?  The Court of young King Henry VIII, from The Other Boleyn Girl.  I would want to travel there because not only is this book one of my favorites, but i would love to be able to watch the courtly seduction.
2) If you could be best friends with an author, who would you choose and why?  Audrey Niffenegger, who wrote The Time Traveler’s Wife.  That book is lovely and heart breakingly beautiful.  I adore that book and i would love to see where she draws inspiration.
3) Is there a quote from a book that has inspired you/changed the way you view things? If so, what is the quote?  “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”
4) If you could marry a fictional character, which would it be?  Valek from Poison Study, Fred Weasley from Harry Potter, or Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
5) If you could take out a character from a book, who would you want to get rid of? Keep in mind getting rid of a character could change the story completely.  There aren’t that many characters I would want to remove, I usually see a purpose for them all in some way, shape, or form.  However… how about an exchange?  Instead of Fred dying in the Battle of Hogwarts, could Ron have?  Please???? I loved Fred and Ron always pissed me off.  I understand that he is an integral part of the story, but FRED SHOULD HAVE LIVED.
6) Have you ever read a book where you needed more answers and wanted to kill the author for leaving it so open ended? Or do you like that kind of book? What book was it?  Books with open endings kind of drive me up the wall.  I start worrying and freaking out and desperately attempting to make up my own endings.  Fire Study had a somewhat open-ish ending, I mean they wrapped up the main story line and all, but I felt like… what next?
7) If you could make sweet sweet love to a fictional character, with who would it be? Okay, that sounds really messed up, but whatever.  There is a long list… Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black from Harry Potter,  Erik from The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries, Keenan from Wicked Lovely, and that is all that I can think of at this time.
8) What’s the coolest name you have ever seen in a book? Would you name your offspring after said fictional character?  I frequently swear at least one child will be named after a book character.  The coolest name I’ve seen in a book lately is Yelena or Jace.
9) Who would you cast as the main characters of a movie adaptation of your favourite book?  Well, one of my favorite books has already been cast (Harry Pooter), so I am pretty safe there in saying they did a really excellent fucking job at casting that shit.
10) What’s your favourite classic novel?  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Romeo and Juliet or Pride and Prejudice.
11) Can you anagram your favourite author’s name/the title of your favourite book? I’m sick and I can’t think of one favorite….
12) What was your favorite picture book as a kid?  The Spider and the Fly, The Wish Come True Cat, Madeline
13) Do you buy your own books, borrow books from your friends or get them from the library?  I try to buy them so that I don’t have to borrow, but I will borrow and go to the library but I have this habit of keeping books until they are long overdue….
14) Have you ever stolen insults from books and used them in real life situations? If so, how did that work out for you?  “Emotional range of a teaspoon” from Hermione worked out really well in a shouting match with a guy friend of mine.
15) What’s your favourite insult from a book?  Anything Shakespearen usually makes me laugh or anything from John Green’s books.  They tend to really make me smile.
16) Have you ever tried writing a letter/ emailing an author? Did they reply?  I have not.  I am usually far too scared to do so…
17) Do you have a stack of books you need to read? How many are there?  I always have a stack of books I need to read… I have two, so the one in my house currently has eight I believe.
18) How many books (approximately) do you own?  NOT ENOUGH
19) Are there any songs that make you think of certain books or scenes from books? If so, which songs/books?  The scores to movies usually make me think of books because they are so beautiful.
20) Can you name 5 characters whose names start with the letter H off the top of your head? If so, prove it.  Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Henry DeTamble, Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars, Humbert Humbert from Lolita.  YES!
21) Do you like the idea of e-readers/kobos/whatever they’re called or would you rather have the physical book in your hand?  I like words and stories and tales.  They can be on a screen or in print, so long as I can read them, we’re square.
22) Do you like new book smell? Old book smell? All book smell?  ALL BOOK SMELL!!!!!
23) Do you sticky note passages/quotes?  I have before.  I have sticky notes in a Libba Bray book, and high lighted quotes in The Time Traveler’s Wife.
24) Have you ever accidentally destroyed a book (Example: Ran over it with your car) How about purposefully? Never have I purposefully destroyed a book.  Accidentally…. well I love Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I think it’s such an amazing book that I have read it so many times in so many places and the book is essentially in three or five pieces from over use….
25) Which would you rather live without? Books or chocolate. Just kidding, that’s an impossible question.  That is an impossible question.
26) Do you use actual bookmarks to mark your place? Receipts? Sticky notes? Or do you, heaven forbid, dog ear the pages?  It depends. I can use book marks if I have them, or dog ear or anything really.
27) What was the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone who lost/destroyed/got spaghetti on the pages of one of your books?  In elementary school, a bully left a piece of gum in a book I had.  I nearly killed that boy.
28) Have you ever used a book as a coster? How do you even spell that? You guys probably know what I’m talking about anyway.  I have, but my father spilled coffee on Goblet of Fire.
29) What’s your favourite book turned movie?  Probably Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, because they got essentially everything right.
30) Have you ever finished a book that rendered you so emotionally unstable you couldn’t start another one for a few days?  The sixth Harry Potter book, when Dumbledore dies, I couldn’t do anything for a few days… It was traumatic.

If I had a million dollars

Dear Mayzie La Bird (a near and dear friend of mine) posed the interesting question that I feel extremely compelled to answer in a long post.  She asked the questin, “If you had a million dollars but could not invest or save any of it, you had to spend it right now, what would you buy?”  Dear Mayzie wished for a team of stylists to help her get ready in the morning.  She is rather glamorous I realize, so this makes sense for her.

If I couldn’t invest or save it, what would I spend my million dollars on?

The answer I’m about to give should surprise absolutely none of you who know me or who even have an inkling of knowing me.

I would buy books.

Let me repeat, I would buy hundreds of books.  Hundreds of wonderful, amazing, perfectly good books.  With the money I would have left over, I’d like to buy a small apartment in which I could house the books.  Yes, the apartment would most likely be for book, but there would be a bed and kitchen and bathroom as so the reader of the books (me) could stay there in comfort and happiness.

Yes, I know there are many things I could do with a million dollars, but come on!  I would be the happiest person ever with an apartment full of books on shelves, a good couch or a two, a small bed with lots of blankets, and some lights that don’t fry your brain with their brightness.  Seriously.  That is what I would buy.  Or, instead of the apartment, I want a cottage.  A cottage with books and a nice view.  My demands are growing larger, oh dear.  I must be feeling a serious amount of hyper activity then…


I am serious about the books thing.  I would buy so many, I don’t know if I could read them all… but I could have them to.  I could have them to read and let other read and have my children read (oh yes, there will be children’s books in this place and there will be children at some point or another).

Well, I feel much better and I do wish I had a million dollars.

On a practicality end note, I would most likely spend the money on college tuition and other things.

Rant from last night and 200 LIKES!

So, last night I was feeling particularly down and I wrote up this rant.

Colleges that stuff a winter semester into their winter breaks need to have a basic understanding of something.  It drives the students who don’t want to, or whom are unable to, take classes insane.  I mean that literally.  It drives me nuts that I still have another two weeks of break left.  Most of my friends with colleges who have normal winter breaks have gone back and are busy studying and doing work.  The ones, like me, are just sitting around at home waiting.

Technically, I could be back at the apartment, however I am desperately trying to avoid buying my own groceries for as long as possible since my bank account is now controlled by my mother.  If I were back at my apartment, I’d have my roommates and my cat.  I love my family though, and when I go back to school I usually just stay there.  This isn’t freshmen year where I was home every weekend of every week I could.

I could be working, but I don’t have a steady job.  My steady job is babysitting and nannying in the summer.  I have babysat a few times and it has been wonderful.  However, that isn’t constant.  I see my friends and am tend be on the more active side of social.  These past two days have just been me in a kind of funk and it’s making me grumpy and the winter blues have not been helping.

I really miss my laptop.  It’s a weird statement, but I do.  I miss just sitting and typing on it, because let’s face it.  I love my iTouch very much, but the feeling of keys underneath my fingers is something that every writer knows and loves.  The same way I love holding paper and pencil.  The same way I love watching birds or turning a page or the snow.  By the way, I am not writing this on my iTouch.  I’m borrowing the house computer and writing on here.  It helps, writing, releasing my thoughts and letting them roam where ever they may please.

So I’m sitting a proper desk with a mug of hot berry tea in my sweats and a fleece jacket and writing.  It’s Tuesday night and I am still feeling a little down.  I know it will pass, I know that much.  I get little moments of sadness, boredom.  I have little moments of happy too.

When I’m bored, what do I do?  Well, I don’t sit in front of my television and browse.  Not lately anyway.   My brother has been home sick lately and if he has the couch, I can’t go down there.  I usually read or play on my iTouch or go on facebook and the like.  It’s a terribly boring time.  Sometimes I blog.  Clearly, I need to be doing more things.

I think another that might have me down is that I didn’t get to see my boyfriend tonight.  He was going to come by and give me a lesson for driving, but he got caught up at work.  Which is good actually.  He needs more work, he has had a dry spell and it’s bothering him since he has bills to pay and the like.  So work for him is good.  And I’ll see him soon since we’re kidnapping Pretty in Pink later this week.  I will have things later to do this week, it’s just at this present time in which I am bored as hell and feeling a little out of my mind.

I can’t tell if this has helped, but I think it has.  At least, it’s gotten it all out on paper, which is what I usually need.  Tomorrow I visit Nana, oh joy.  Let us hope that all goes well.  I am going to drink my tea and read some more, perhaps watch more John Green on Youtube.  Who knows?



So that was last night.

Today on the other hand seems to be going splendidly.  I am going to get tea with a friend in an hour or so, and perhaps I’ll find biscotti or a cookie at the cafe.  I will also get to see my boyfriend tonight and that makes me extremely happy.  I’ve done three loads of laundry, am reading a delightful new book, and will most likely finish it soon.

I want to thank the bloggers.  Because guess what?

I GOT 200 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!

That is amazing!  I adore you all and thank you so much.  It makes me so happy to see that you like what I write so thank you!

A book filled week

Hello again,

Once more I’m going to have to apologize for the sincere lack of posts that continue to plague my blog.  My laptop is in the shop and needs a new hard drive, so I am currently on a spare computer at my house.  Classes start back up in two weeks or so and while I am excited to have all my friends back on campus I don’t know how I feel about have a six class semester.  I haven’t had a six class semester in a year.  I had a year and a half of full semesters and I have had my best grades in those semesters.  I’m hoping that the same trend will follow this semester.

Let’s see, what else is new is my life?  My boyfriend gave me my Christmas present yesterday.  He took me to this book store where everything was discounted and not only can you buy books, but you can also return books you’ve already read and get store credit.  I have a problem with buying too many books and this place is wonderful.  Stacked up to the ceiling with books upon books of all sorts of genres.  I adore it.  I have about ten books to read, plus a few to reread.  I’m hoping to finish the majority of them before school starts.

I’e also been perusing my menus to a healthier winter diet from my Seasonal Depression book.  Some of these recipes look really tasty, I am thinking about doing a few of them either at home or at school.  I can’t wait for that.  The diet in the book isn’t exactly a diet, but kind of is.  People with SAD, winter blues, or February Blahs, tend eat more carbs in the winter time, we crave them.  This diet doesn’t cut out carbs (cause that shit is crazy, I could not live without a bagel once in a while) but it helps limit them and find the right kind of carbs.  It’s really interesting.  🙂

Ah, yes, my epic evening out on Friday.  I have been wanting to say write this up for days, however, lack of a lap top means less writing for me.  So, on Friday I went and saw my friend Horsing Around in her band at bar.  She and the band were amazing!  She plays the violin, it is fantastic.  However, the band didn’t need her for all the song so she spent a lot of her down time mingling with her family and friends who had all shown up to support her.  I went with the boyfriend and Pretty in Pink.  She came over earlier and we had kind of a girly time watching House and doing nails and make up and hair and such.  I wore this great top that Amy Pond gave me, it’s got a band around the neck and it’s sleeveless and has a key hole above my cleavage and it has this funky red white and black floral pattern and it makes me look good.  I had that, my black back up boots (bar means most likely dirty, so older boots can take it) and some dark denim.  My boyfriend grabbed me while Pretty in Pink finished her make up and told me I looked beautiful.  I felt all warm and fuzzy after that.  He even lent me his leather jacket cause all I had was a little cropped silk one.  So we get to the bar and find a spot towards the upper half of it, closer to the stage.

Now, here’s comes the fun part.  Horsing Around is really good friend with my ex.  And, that’s fine by me.  It’s because of my ex that Horsing Around and I are friends.  However, when she invited me to this concert, she explicitly told me that he and his new girlfriend would be there.  She knows me well enough to know that I would never start something on her night.  My ex thought I’d get super wasted and try to hurt his precious little girlfriend.  Ha, ha ha, and I thought my jokes were bad.  So we get there and I watch to see if he arrives, all the while sipping at my single drink of the night.  He does show up and after confirming it’s him in the back half of the bar, I turn and face the stage or talk to my boyfriend.  I refuse to make contact with him the entire night.

My boyfriend, sweetheart that he is, spent the entire night next to me.  He held me, kissed me, whispered in my ear and held me up so I could take pictures of the band.  Perfectly dutiful.  He does that normally, but there was a possessiveness in the bar. He wanted to make my ex see that I had moved on, especially since my boyfriend and my ex have some history.  It was wonderful.  I may be kind and sweet to those I love, but cross me once and I will be a vengeful bitch.  My ex left early and my night was fantastic.  I made a few new friends and made plans for Pretty in Pink’s birthday.

Ahhh, that’s better.  Finally got all of that out in writing.

So, today, I shall try and post another  prompt and perhaps a picture of two.