What did Santa leave me under the tree?

I guess I’ve been a good girl this year because good old St Nick left me some pretty nice things under my tree! I got

  • An iPod touch, generation five to replace my brick ( an old classic iPod from 2005 or so)
  • A make up bag and brush set ( I didn’t have brushes )
  • four really great sweaters ( a black turtle neck, a gray and turquoise striped one with a cowl neck, a black cowl neck with a belt and short sleeves, and a gray v neck one that is loose)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (it smells like acai berry)
  • Socks!!! ( I am a big fan of warm, woolly socks)
  • Tall brown leather boots ( they are gorgeous)
  • A fossil watch ( because I needed a new watch)
  • The journal of Impossible things and a sonic screwdriver pen (my dad got me that. It makes me really happy he got me something Doctor Who related because he likes old Who and I like new Who and it makes me really happy to see that he did that. )
  • A mug that says Royal Highness on it
  • Giftcards to iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Ulta

That is it I believe. If I realize I have forgotten anything, I will edit the post.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Going nuts

So, my father seemed to be doing ok after his surgery yesterday.  He was eating and walking a little.  He wasn’t feeling great a little while ago, but seems to be doing ok now.  Stupid antibiotics.

Ahhh… tea is ready.

OK, well let me elaborate on my past few days.  I’ve been out with the boyfriend a bit.  I’m excited about that.  He’s been really nice to me and I really like him.  He’s taking me book shopping for my Christmas present.  🙂  If any of you know me, I’m a big book fan.

I’m also seeing a few friends from back home.  I can’t believe how much I missed them all.  They need bios on here.  Ok, that’s next on the list.

Im also just going crazy.

I hurt my back babysitting.  My head hasn’t stopped hurting for days and I’m really excited for Christmas.  I’m excited for everything.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting.  I usually find it easier to just read this time of year.

But don’t think I’ve forgotten you my bloggers.  I love you all dearly and hope that your holidays are merry and bright.


An excellent morning

Usually my first night at home is spent tossing and turning in bed.  Well, last night was no different.  I am a little tired, but that is normal for me. first night, readjusting to the water bed.

However, this morning looks to be fruitful.  I have had my cup of coffee, soon I will have my toast.  I’m watching “Pride and Prejudice” with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden.  Today I am going shopping with my parents for shoes and stocking stuffers.  We are also putting up the tree, which is probably my favorite part of the holiday season.  The tree is fake, better for the environment, but the best part about the tree is the ornaments.

For a very long time, I believed that the ornaments came alive when we all went to sleep, similar to what happens in “The Nutcracker” when clara realizes that the tree grows several times its size and the ornaments come alive with her.  I did not hold the belief that my tree grew in size.  My house is not that large.  However, I did have the idea that my ornaments did suddenly come alive when we all went to sleep.

There were many ornaments that I did love, none so much as my Barbie ornaments.  I was a determined barbie girl as a child.  I loved the pink princess.  I had several barbie christmas ornaments, each wore a special gown.  I knew that the second I fell way to the Sandman, my Barbies would come to life with their swishing skirts and feminine giggles.    I was always worried that our little drummer mice would start up a tune and my poor barbie girls would have no one to dance except for the few Batman ornaments.  I did not think they would have approved of the capes.

Now, even when I put up the ornaments when I am much older, I still retain my child like magic about them.  I believe them still dance on the boughs of the tree with Harry and Jack and many of the other revelers.