Pillow fort and Doctor Who with Amy Pond

So, Amy Pond came back after I took my walk.  She’s been away for a while.  Like two weeks or so.

So we built this fort out of blankets and comforters and pillows.  We’re watching Doctor Who, season 5, the lodger.

I would like to note that Matt Smith’s legs are bloody gorgeous.  He’s was in a soccer kit and all I could think was… the doctor’s pant don’t do him justice.

matt smith four Matt smith onematt smith three matt smith two

Day three questions: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Les Mis, Sherlock, Phantom, and Merlin

I know this is way more than eleven, but I really like these

The Doctor: Someone I miss?   I miss my parents quite a bit.  I mean, they aren’t that far away from me, but I still miss them when i’m gone for long periods of time.  I just come home and am like… Yes
Rose Tyler: The furthest place I’ve travelled to?  New Orleans and Ontario, Canada.  I’ve never really left the East Coast of the USA though….
Mickey Smith: My first relationship?  Lasted seven months and we fought constantly.  Now we’re friends though.
Martha Jones: Have I ever loved someone who didn’t feel the same?  Hasn’t everyone?  The last person…. actually was many years ago.
Donna Noble: A time I forgot something really important.  Actually this morning.  I completely forgot about my orientation meeting at the new apartment, but they had other days so I switched my appointment time and now am like… IDIOT
The Master: Something I’d stop at nothing to get.  Published, a teaching job, love, happiness.
Wilf: Somewhere I really want to travel to.  the mid West, California, and New York City again and again.
Jackie Tyler: 5 facts about my family.  1. We’ve lost a member of the family ever year since I graduated.  2. I am one 1/32 Native American from my great grandmother’s side (the only way you can tell on me is the high cheek bones, my brother in the summer time looks like a Native American thanks to the sun)   3.We have recently gone gluten free at my house hold.  4. My father and I have a tradition of watching ‘The Boondocks Saints’ every Thanksgiving.  5. My family is supportive.  Like crazy supportive.  What ever you want to do, they say to do it.
Jack Harkness: 3 things I like about myself.  I like my hair, I love my sense of wit, and I love that I am perfectly at ease with children.
Ianto Jones: Have I ever told someone ‘I love you’?  Yes.  Just this morning in fact.
Toshiko Sato: A time when things seemed hopeless.  After a break up last year, I was little … well I was very hopeless.  Heart break is something I have dealt frequently and every time it crushes me.
Gwen Cooper: Have I ever lied to someone I love?  Yes, I have lied to someone I loved.  My parents.  
Owen Harper: Have I ever lost someone close to me?  Of course, an uncle, grandparents, a great grandmother.
PC Andy: A dream of mine.  To be published, to be married, to have kids.
Jilly Kitzinger: Am I a ‘people-person’?  Umm…. mostly?  I can be?  I mean, I don’t mind it.  I feel like I am more of an introvert than extrovert.
Jean Valjean: A time I was unfairly punished for something.  Well, I haven’t stolen, I haven’t really done anything like that.  So damned if I know.
Inspector Javert: A time I was determined to do something.  Last spring I was determined to get a job so I applied to approximately ten different places.  
Fantine: Someone I’d do anything for.  My students, my kids, my love, my family
Marius: Have I ever seriously fallen out with someone in my family?  I mean… not me specifically, but we have had falling outs with people in the family.  That is a sore spot.
Enjolras: Something I’d die for.  Love, children, 
Grantaire: Do I drink alcohol?  Very little, and only once in a while.  I am not a fan of being drunk or buzzed, just lightly tipsy
Bishop Myriel: A time when I did something selfless.  Anytime involving children or the people I love.
Cosette: Am I in love with someone?  Yes I am.  🙂
Eponine: Do I have any siblings?  Yes, just the one, my little brother.  I have ‘siblings’ from college though.
Sally Donovan: Someone I really, really hate.  I hate my former best friend.  She was… a very bad issue many years ago.  
John Watson: My best friend?  an excellent question.  I suppose it could be Pixie or SteamPunk or Azure or Amy Pond or Pretty in Pink, and definitely my boy
Sherlock Holmes: Something I’m good at.  Making children smile
Christine Daae: Who am I closest to in my family?  My mother.
Raoul: Am I still in touch with any childhood friends?  Bass Man.  He and I have known each other since I was  in third grade.
Phantom: Am I hiding anything?  Nothing really.
Anderson: A time someone did my job better than me.  Most times with many things.  
DI Lestrade: Have I ever broken the rules to get a job done?  Yes, I have tried and bent the rules with a few things.
Mrs. Hudson: Someone who’s like my family but I’m not related to?  A teacher from high school, a few friends.
Molly Hooper: Have I ever been turned down by anyone?  Yup.  That was an awkward situation.
Merlin: Have I ever helped someone in a way that hurt me?  Quite frequently.  I gave a friend the green light to date my ex.  that hurt like a bitch.
Arthur Pendragon: Have I got any friends I never expected to make?    Yes, I did not expect to be friends with quite a few people that I adore now.
Gwen: Have I ever fallen in love with someone I didn’t expect to?  When do you expect to fall in love?
Morgana: Something I believe strongly in?  Love.  Freedom, beauty, truth and LOVE

For I am a Fangirl

Squealing, screaming, squee-ing

High pitched and painful as I find

A Doctor Who poster is perfectly natural

For I am a fangirl


I am enthusiastically into stuff (DFTBA)

Into things like Harry Potter and Sherlock,

Doctor Who, Supernatural, Tumblr, John and Hank Green

For I am a fangirl


I can quote and recite and repeat phrases and ideas

that have fallen from the mouths of JK, or Moffet

I can dress like Ten or Nine, a bowtie for Eleven

For I am a fangirl


I can speak about the Host Club, about Haruhi

And all those wonderful boys.  I can talk about Sailor Moon

And As Told By Ginger and every other nineties cartoon

For I am a fangirl


But most of all, I own books

Thousands of volumes and tomes and editions

From Pretty Women to Vampire Academy and

So many in between.  I read

For I am a fangirl


(PS I apologize for all the sudden poetry, but I am desperately trying to catch up to my day count for poetry.  I’m oping to get to fifteen or sixteen before I go to sleep.  WISH ME LUCK!)