A post for my first day of summer (vacation that is)

The question remains, what did I do with my first day of summer vacation?

I slept in til nine thirty (despite the varying sleep habits and going to bed at strangely random times of the night, I cannot wake later than nine thirty.)  I guess that means that getting up at six for work will be a lot easier?  Maybe?  I ate breakfast and read, then got dressed and went out to get toilet paper, because the apartment mates are out and since I have the lowest funds of anyone in this house (except maybe Amy Pond, but she gets more funds than I do).  For four girls (and two boyfriends) we sure go through a lot of toilet paper.  And we can’t buy the cheap stuff, Hockey needs plush Charmin for her ass.

I also picked up some melatonin to help with the sleep problems because I was taking for a while, and it helped me sleep better which I would like to do.  So we’ll see how well that works.  I visited a friend on campus and came back to my apartment, made lunch, hung out with the cat (who is currently on my lap digging her claws into me because I am not paying attention to her), and I have been playing games on my iP0d and watching Vlogbrother’s videos.

While this may seem like a very lazy, nonchalant way to/ being my summer vacation, I couldn’t be happier.  Pretty in Pink is GRADUATING TOMORROW (PS I LOVE YOU) and tonight we should… (hopefully) be joining her to drink around the town.  While I will probably have exactly one drink and be done with it, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy myself.  (Secretly I’m hoping we stop at the bar where me and the boy met so I can have a cute flash back)

I will probably write a post or so a day until my job as a professional nanny starts in mid June.  Assume that my posts could be very irrelevant or could be absolutely brilliant, I HAVE NO IDEA.


What a fantastic night poem

Identification shown at the door, burly man lets him, her, me inside

The bass is pounding, I feel it underneath the soles of my boots

As well as underneath my skin, it pulsates, bringing me to life


Once in the establishment, we wander, I look in amazement

After all it is my first time in a bar, a real, true, bar

It’s loud and bright and dark and perfect all at once, beautiful.


We find seats, tall, near the windows, snowflakes drift intermittently

She goes and orders us drink, two vampires.  I’ve never had one

It’s sweet and sour and sinful and I sip it through the straw


He order jack and coke, classic, masculine, manly in comparison

To the vodka, raspberry liquor, and cranberry juice we have

Giggling, I’m tipsy.  I laugh and move to the music


She is drinks her first fast, but the second slowly

His drink is gone after her first, but he downs her second

I sip slowly, enjoying the tang, the sensation, the warmth



While the drink is cold, I am warm and silly

My hands are still and shaking, too cold to easily

Fingers brush against denim that is not mine


Apologizing, he says not to worry. Tipsy, I look down

Flushing, I look back to see that she has returned

And is preparing to leave. I frown, but agree


Climbing into the back of the truck, I reminisce

Spontaneity, her, scruffy easy, him

What a night to take my problems off my mind

What a fantastic night!

So, my day had been a little strange.  Just long and I was tired and I felt like doing nothing.  Since my laptop doesn’t like to work in my apartment, I couldn’t stay in my room and do homework.  So I was writing and trying to be creative when my friend texts me.

She asks if I want to go out for a drink.  I don’t have to pay and I don’t have to drive.  I’M IN!

It was a great night.  She brought a friend along and I had not met him, but had heard of him.  He was super sweet and kind of cute in an Opie Winston from Sons of Anarchy way.  I had a vampire and we talked and listened to music and I was so happy.  I felt so ok and happy and legal!

It was wonderful.

Then, to make my night even better, I got hugs from both of them (I am a big hugger.) I also found out that I had a hundred likes on my blog.

THANK YOU BLOGGERS!  You are who made this possible.  Thank you.

Thank you Lord for an amazing night.  I needed it.

Tomorrow, lots of homework, horseback riding, and eventually, sleep.