Good Morning!

It’s eight o’clock here and I have actually been awake since six.  Maybe because I was trying to convince my boy that his phone was an hour off and if he didn’t get out of bed, he’d be late for work.  Or maybe it’s because I AM GOING BACK TO PRE SCHOOL TODAY!

Now, for those of you who have only recently started following me, let me recap.  from September to December of 2012, I had a field placement in a pre school classroom not too far from college.  I fell absolutely in love with my students, and everyday I went there, I felt good about myself.  Now, around the end of September, my (then boyfriend) dumped me unexpectedly and I was pretty much at a loss for what to do.  There were a lot of people who helped me out at that time.  One of them was a blogger, a couple were my roommates, one of them was Call Me Maybe, another was Horsing Around.  I had so many influences that helped me get better and helped me become a better person.

One of the biggest ones was my pre schoolers.  No matter what was happening in my life, whether it be school or homework or social problems or boys, they were there for me.  Now, I don’t mean there for me in the traditional sense that they let me vent and talk and cry.  These kids always came in with smiles and hugs and they would take me away from my life and my problems.  It also helped because I could see the impact I had on them.  I watch a child who had trouble in social situations get better and make friends.  I watched them grow and laugh and learn.  It’s a beautiful thing, a wonderful thing.

I’m so excited to go back and visit them.  i get the feeling though that my heart will probably break when I have to leave today, but I don’t give a damn.  I miss my kids.


Oh my goodness

I don’t know what I did to set my muse off, but she’s here and she’s writing.  I love it.

I’ve written three pages so far and this has not happened in so long and I am very excited which is probably all these sentences are run ons.


Netbook, laptop fixable, muse

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I am in a very good mood.  I have a netbook.  A netbook I can take back to school with me and use in all of it’s teeny tine glory.  It works, it’s fast, and I adore it.  I need to put my music on here, but other wise, I have everything backed up on an external hard drive.

My laptop simply needs a new hard drive.  The lovely people at Geek Squad are replacing my hard drive and making back up disks and it cost less than an arm.  Considering the damage I thought was done, this is a beautiful statement.

Finally, my muses are up and running that story that my writing prompts seem to be inspiring.  I am very excited about that.  Excited indeed.  I will try to post a few more things tonight since I finally have a laptop and that makes me so unbearably happy!!!!!!!

Video games

Video games.

Ah, a wonderful thing.

I’m not talking about Call of Duty or Halo.

My kind of video are things like Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Little Big Planet, and Pokemon.  I also love the old school Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games.  Yes I’m a girly girl when it comes to video games, I prefer it this way.   I like my little selection of games.  It makes me happy.

So, in my rant for today, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time comes out in less than a month.  I AM SO EXCITED!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE  THE LAST GAME??????????????????   It was 2005 when the last game came out.  Nearly a decade.

For those of you who may think me wacky, this game is so much fun.  The plot is great, the characters are funny and I love the game play.  Here’s the trailer for the newest game.


So yeah, expect a huge post about how much I love the game in about a month. 🙂

So Many Things

Alrighty, lots of things have been going on and I keep meaning to post but my laptop is a bitch and my iTouch is also giving me crap about posting, but what the hell, I am going to try.

So, my last few days have really been amazing. My grandparents gave me a happylight. It’s a light that releases daylight spectrum light waves. It’s light therapy, which is drastically helping my winter blues. I’ve been feeling better each day I use it.

I have been spending plenty of time with my friends and my boyfriend. It has been a great break. I have also been reading like crazy. I literally have gone through ten books since mid December.  It is crazy, but I am happy. I have to go apartment hunting on Monday, but hopefully that will all go well. I’m going shopping with a friend for her concert later in the month. It’s at her concert that I will be coming face to face with my x for the first time in a while. If you couldn’t tell by the animosity in which I write about him, I don’t really like him all that much. But I’ll have my boyfriend there, so I am going to be just fine

Now the only big decision I ha w is when to go back to the apartment. School doesn’t start til late January but I am allowed to go back at any time. Part of me wants to go back, but part of me really just wants to stay at my parent’s house. Going back means I have to start being a grown up again. Staying home means I can keep learning g how to drive ( did I mention hat? My boyfriend is teaching me the confidence part of driving. He says our date on Valentine’s day is going to be me taking my driver’s test. I’m scared to do it, but everyone is telling me I need to.)

being home is ‘t so bad. I also really don’t want to have to buy my own groceries again. I also can’t go back to school until I get my laptop fixed. We’re taking it to geek squad tonight before I go to Mayzie’s holiday party. Oh! That’s right! I HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!

The real question is what do I wear? I’m thinking my black cowl neck sweater with the belt, my skinny jeans, and my brown boots. I think that will work, I’ll see if I can work my red ribbon into my outfit so Mayzie won’t tell me I’m not holiday themed. Well, I need to read some more. I shall post soon! Now I know the secret to posting on my iPod, yay!

Here are the books I read: (in case anyone was wondering)

City of Bones

Vampire Academy


Shadow Kiss

Blood Promise

Spirit Bound

Last Sacrifice

Alice in Zombieland

The Fault in Our Stars

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Currently reading: Bloodlines and Winter blues

Move out of the way Writer’s block

So, I have been having some nasty writer’s block as of late.  It happens.  Sometimes the muse just isn’t in me or sits there, taunting me.

However, I think I may have found an answer to my block.

It’s called “642 Things to Write About” by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

My mom got it from a friend of hers but she’s not really the writing type.  So… she regifted it to me while she was wrapping presents.  And now…

I have lots of things to write about.  I’m going to try and write them in the book first and then write different versions here on wordpress.  Let’s see how this goes….


And yes, I am super excited about this.  Super fucking madly happy excited.

Finally, the end is in sight

So this is it.  Finals week.

My finals include turning in my field teaching folder to my professor (today), handing in my last response for Shakespeare (tomorrow at eight), digitally turning in my last paper (by midnight tomorrow night), turning my essay (by the end of today) and turning in my poetry portfolio (by the end of today).

That’s it.  That is all that separates me from a glorious, six week, work free, holiday break!

I cannot wait to stop moving.  I want to sit in my bed for a few days, subsist on tea and veggies, and read.  Read all the time, all day, everyday.

Busy Bee today

So far I have finished two lesson plans and my sestina!

His coffee colored eyes found her dancing, the moment he walked in.

She was Hell on high heels, her saccharine smile parallel to sweet tea

With corn silk blonde hair twinning about that smiling, spinning head

In a heartbeat, he knew her. It all came back into him, she was his ace.

The tall man exclaimed with a loud yelp, “Oh good Lord… Fuck me!”

While his reaction was passionate fire, hers was cold as Winter’s ice.


The country song that came on the juke box next is the ladies’ choice

Had she forgotten the past, did she remember as she asked him to join?

By the dance floor, a sexy scent surrounded him, set his senses aflame

She wore tight blue denim that showed off her little waist, fine booty,

And long legs.  Her shirt buttoned under the bust, he knew the surface

Of skin on her back held a tattoo, vicious snaked called a copperhead.


With the cold in her eyes and passion in her hips, he was a blockhead.

Of course she recalled their violent past, but this dance was her choice.

Her body was lithe in its movement, southern twang mixed with grace.

The reactions were the same, bodies close; what did she wish to attain?

Desire filtered in his mind, as their eyes met; the gaze fueled up acidity

On her side.  He was reminiscent of the first time she came to his home.


They danced and listened to the lyrics, whether or not they did rhyme.

He felt that sweet connection rise and he thought about getting ahead.

That’s when his eyes landed on the ring, she’d always had an affinity

For things that sparkled.  He’d never done that, with all his cowardice,

Proposed to her, but he wished he did.  Goosebumps covered his skin

While he bolted, pink colors sparking to life on the cheeks of his face


At the bar, he ordered a tall and stiff drink, downing it with a grimace

He felt her gaze on him, as the bridal party chatter, bringing his blame

To the forefront of his mind, as he tried to disperse his thoughts of sin

With each passing whiskey on the rocks, he desperately tried to shed

However, the man who sat lonely on his stool would have to suffice

With the painful memories of his ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity


He thought what he had done to her was a complete and utter calamity

With a blink of an eye he’d given her up, for a girl who only wore lace

Disappearing from the apartment without a timely two week’s notice

He felt sickened with his moronic acts, feeling absolutely loathsome

With one more drink and the sensation of swearing like a bonehead

He picked himself up and let himself out, for it had all been in vain


Here it is.  Enjoy, I am going to sell clothes and do more homework.  Ugh….