I am now very excited for tomorrow

I have decided that before finals weekend starts, I am taking that Friday (aka tomorrow) off.  No studying, no worrying, just me time before the big week of pain, suffering, and death.

So, tomorrow I get to sleep in.  Then I am getting lunch with a gal pal and she’s going to take me horse back riding!  She has a gorgeous horse named Levi and he is lazy, but sweet.  So sweet.  I also really enjoy horse back riding.  I’m not bad at it, but I’ve only ridden two or three times.  I am walk and steer and trot just a bit.  This makes me happy.  My hope is to be able to go on a trail ride one day with a horse.

Then, after my day with my friend and her horse,  I shall return to my apartment and get to hang out with another gal pal who I do not see often enough.  We’re going to go shopping, make good, and watch movies.  I shall not worry about finals all day!

Excited for tomorrow now.  Very excited.


It has been a good twenty four hours

So, the last twenty four hours may have been the genuine best I have had in a long time.  It was just a consistent amount of really good things happening to me.

  • I got an A on my group unit plan. I had just assumed that we had failed.
  • I finished my book for my kids and letters to the parents
  • I had an amazing last day with my kids at preschool
  • While at my last day at preschool, I was giving a note of thanks, a thank you card from one of my kids, a book from one of my kids, a toy bear from one of my kids, flowers from the parents, a picture, note, and nice hand bag from my teachers, and cupcakes from one of my cooperating teachers.  As well as hundred hugs from all my little kids!
  • Despite my mistakes in my sestina, my professor and my classmates really liked it!  I thought it was going to fail.
  • I got my community service signed off on which means I am one step closer to being done with admission for education majors
  • I joined a community service club, which will be fun, is with education majors that I know and like, and will look great on a resume.
  • AND the guy I went on a date with told me he liked me 🙂  I haven’t known him that long so I am taking things slow like a snail and still just getting to know him.  But hey, it’s a good thing
  • THE END IS IN SIGHT.  This is week is almost done, which means finals will soon be over!

Now look at that list.  Seriously, hot damn it’s been a great twenty four hours!

I have a giant to do list for tonight, but only one third of it is homework!  That makes me so happy!

Ok, back to work.  I will try and post more over the weekend, expect plenty of posts!


HOPE and cats

Now, since I didn’t have the greatest day yesterday, I wanted to put something up that makes me smile.  The vile of hope is one of my favorite pictures.

And I just love cats!

Hope is all I have some days.  It’s all anyone has some days.  Hope is what I feed on and what I desire.  Hope keeps me going.  It will keep you going as well.  I have faith, I believe.


And so does this adorable cat!