Remember those flower questions?

Alright so two days ago, I did a questionnaire on flowers.

The questions kind of sparked something and my muse is waking up form her long slumber post finals.

I think I’d like to post some one shots that the flower questions inspired.  In the mean time, I’m still doing the questions a day.

My day has been… really lazy.  It’s ‘that time of the month’ and my cramps are kicking my ass.  I laid in bed all day watching youtube videos or reading or writing.  Really, it was attempting to write.


Day Two Questions: Inspired by flowers

Here’s the deal.  I will answer eleven questions each day on a topic of my choosing.  You (my lovely followers) are free to ask more questions in the comments that I would be happy to answer.  No repeating questions, no repeating topics.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (or questions rather…)

Roses: Who is your love interest?   My boyfriend.  He’s … amazing.

Lilacs: Do you consider yourself beautiful and innocent?  Beautiful, some days.  My self esteem goes up and down.  Innocent?  Not particularly.  I can act innocent, but I do not think I am innocent in a sexual sense of the word or in a worldly sense of the word.  

Irises: Do you have words worth spreading?  Wise words?   I’d like to think I do.  I like to think I have words worth saying.  I am one of those people who doesn’t necessarily think I need to spread my words all the time.  But I try to spread wisdom?

Gladiolus: Are you violent?  Goodness yes.  I hit when I get mad, I do martial arts to cool down after arguments.  I can be violent but I also can be… non violent?  Ha, no way.

Lilies: Have you lost someone important to you?  Yes.  Two grandparents and a dear uncle and several beloved pets.  

Protea: Are you courageous?  I can be.  I am a Hufflepuff for a reason.  I can be courageous in situations, especially with boys and sometimes with other things (like rock climbing)

Peony: Are you lucky?  I count my blessings.  I am truly lucky.  I have good health for the most part.  I have an amazing boyfriend and wonderful friends who care about me.  I have parents who support me and a career that will keep me afloat.  I have books and technology and am blessed.  

Orchid: Are you a charming person?  Can I be?  Well, in certain situations.  What constitutes charming anyway?

Statice: What do you like to remember?  I like to remember hugs and kisses and quotes from books and people I like and birthdays and animal facts and happy things.

Sunflower: What brings you happiness?  Animals, my boy, Pretty in Pink, Horsing Around, Pixie, SteamPunk, Hellcat, Azure and Amy, books ( so many books), music, soft sheets, cuddling, flowers, summer time, swimming, children, love, video games, makeup, dresses, shorts, flip flops, hair cuts and painting my nails.  (for a short list)

Lisianthus: What do you appreciate?  My parents.  for without them I would not exist and not be the person I am today.  They inspire me and keep me pushing towards my goals in life.  They tell me that so long as I try, I can do so much.

Sweet Pea: Are you delicate or sweet?  Delicate… only when bruising.  I bruise like a grape.  I bumped into something in my bathroom today and already have this giant bruise on my leg.  Sweet?  I try.  I try to be sweet and maniacal and sweet……

Tulip: Are you elegant or graceful?  Two left feet.  I like to think I can be elegant when the situation calls for it.  I just usually end up… falling.

Hydrangea: Have you endured/ suffered for beauty?  Prom Hair dos, enough said.

Fresia: Who is your best friend?  I suppose…. my boy, Pretty in Pink, and hellcat are the people I turn to the most.  There’s also .45 and Call Me Maybe.

Some Sunshine with the Rain

metaphorically speaking of course, although somewhat literal.  The weather here has been somewhat unpredictable this time around.   Cold one day, sunny and warm, raining, snowing, windy to the point where Mary Poppins should have been floating around while other, lesser nannies were being blown away.  However, the weather is not the point of this post.

So I have Mononucleosis.  I am tired all the time and my lymph node on one side of my neck is much larger than the other one.  I have a serious amount of gunk in my nose and my body literally can’t get enough sleep.  I went to the doctor’s yesterday and she prescribed me some antibiotics for strep because she isn’t unconvinced that I don’t have it, some steroids to get the swelling down in my neck, and some pain killers for the serious amount of my pain I’m in when I swallow.  That was lovely.  Then I got blood work done.

To put it lightly, I am not a fan of needles.  However, they only needed to take two vials of blood so I did okay.  I had not eaten all day though.  So my mom and I got out of the doctor’s office and I started feeling dizzy and light headed.  Quickly. we went to Olive Garden and I had strawberry lemonade and chicken and gnocchi soup.  It tasted really good, but I couldn’t do much else.  I looked like death and felt worse.  We took the rest of lunch to go and returned home where I slept for a few more hours.  I felt so pathetic that I couldn’t even get through lunch after blood being drawn.  I felt worse than pathetic, useless and a burden.

The nap and copious amounts of advil helped, but I still woke up feeling really sad.  So I sat and talked with my mum.  She’s being super supportive and helpful and very nice.  I won’t be back in classes until Wednesday, should probably email teachers about that….   Okay, will do that in a bit.  So I got through my crappy day with lots of sleeping and reading and talking.

My boyfriend stopped by last night, cause he said he would and that made me really happy.  He surprised me at the door with flowers.  A bouquet of flowers that were yellow and red and pink and cheery.  I couldn’t have been more surprised and happy.  I love getting flowers but I rarely get them from anyone.  I was so happy.  He makes me so happy.  He put one in my hair and we went downstairs to cuddle and we talked and it was wonderful.  🙂

With all the metaphorical rain, I did get a bit of sunshine.



So many flowers

Pretty pink petals

Virtuous white blossoms

Their fragrance speaks for themselves


So powerful in their colors or their bleach

Fragile to the slightest breeze, rain, a footstep


I have always loved flowers, even though they give me the sniffles in the spring.  Their smell is wonderful and I love to just sit and sketch them.  I haven’t been able to as of late, since it is winter and there are no flowers.  However, I want to let you all know that I am a giant fan of botanical gardens.  I love green houses filled with greenery and flowers.  I feel like a fairy when I’m inside them.

Once upon a time, my ex took me to a botanical garden.  It was New Year’s Eve.  He took me to this room with hundred of orchids.

I felt so at peace.  I love flowers.

I hope to return to some botanical garden some day and take pictures, bring my notebook with me.  See if the flighty fairy muses will appear and grant me a story.


Be like the flower

Who even gives its fragrance

To the hand that crushes it

One of my favorite things: flower

I have a thing for flowers.  Evolution wise, we as humans have no need for them.  We have no need.  They do not offer us anything biologically.  I think, however, we need them for their beauty.  I think we need them for their scents and wild colors and the magic they spread with blossoms in the spring.  I adore flowers, especially tree blossoms.  In the spring time, we have a dogwood tree in our back yard.  The blossoms aren’t as big of red or thick as these, but they are gorgeous none the less.  They are pale pink and have a Biblical connotation  something I’m sure I”ll get into later.  However, in the tree I have a few branches that I may perch in.  I sit up in the branches, with the spring sunshine warming my skin and a book in my hand.  I never try to bring tea up with me because I burned myself once when doing it.  I love reading the trees though.  It makes the whole experience more surreal and more wonderful than I can imagine.  I adore it.

Read in trees