The little things

She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work


Like cream dispersing into coffee, swirling, marbled

And letting her body wake, not to the sound of an alarm


Folding laundry, warm and heady from the dryer

Late night interludes with her loud mouth cat


Fixing dinner for herself, crafting, creating and dining

The quiet laughter of a group of friends, together and apart


She loves the feeling of her extended showers,  steamed perfection

And the pages of silken books that slip through her fingers


There’s the tender kiss of her boyfriend’s mouth to her’s

As well as his sleeping search for her, to cuddle, to hold


She delights in the little things during her brief respite

Between academic courses and arduous hours of work


Love thy friends

For they will pick you up drunk

and pick you up from the dark corners of your head

Laughter created and memories made

Love thy friends



Love those who are different from you

No matter how scary they can be

They are people like you and me

And so long as they do not hurt anyone

Love those who are different from you



Love thy animals

Both big and small, for all bring big comfort

Do not abandon them to the shelter

Keep them, for you are their everything

Love thy animals



Love thy partner

For they make you smile. Be their light and

They shall be yours.  Treat them with golden kindness

In return, golden bands that span eternity

Love thy partner



Love thyself

For you are amazing

Exactly, promptly, perfectly

The way you are

Love thyself



Despite the drag, I triumphed

Well, last night actually turned out much better than I thought it would have in the long run, especially with how tired I was yesterday.  So after my dragging post, I went to class and actually had a really good time.  On Mondays I have a three hour science methods course with this really awesome teacher.  He’s super nice and super fun.  We were in the planetarium for the first two hours and we looked at the stars and it was was just… so amazing.  I’m reminded of how vast our world is when you look up.  It’s beautiful.

I digress.  After getting out of that class, I got back to the apartment with Amy Pond.  We were the only ones there (Azure skies was out and Hockey had not yet returned from her game).  So I proceeded to play more Arkham city (I took down two face as Catwoman) and started to make dinner.  Only I was waiting on my boyfriend, Call Me Maybe, and my other friend whom I am considering nicknaming 45…  So I cleaned and played show tunes and danced around in my apron while I made hot soup.  Call Me Maybe and 45 showed up and we all had a lovely time eating soup and talking and listening to music.  I was very happy to see all of them because I’ve been sick and they’ve been busy and I haven’t seen very much of them lately.

However, around eleven, like always I started getting sleepy.  So I went to bed and slept pretty well.

But today, today is already looking better.  I slept til my alarm.  It’s really difficult for me to do that.  I am unsure why, but it’s hard for me.  So I actually got a full ten hours of sleep.  THEN…. I found my second class of the day was cancelled.  YES!  Which means I only have to get through one class today and then I can come home and do all the things I need to do which includes (but is not limited to)

  • Tree Project for Science
  • Outline for Chapter Presentation
  • Admission Paperwork
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Nap
  • Writing more in my little story
  • BLOG (Cause I actually have a wonderful broke rant I need to get on)
  • Clean

Alright, so that last one is just for me 🙂

IT’s raining here, so ere’s hoping I stay dry and can get through my one class without too much heartache.  Wish me Luck!

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!!!




This is what I love about being a blogger.  Since I am happy, I will post happy pictures.  So here is an adorable kitty cat.  Precious.

This kitty cat also signifies where I will be for a few days.


While I will still travel north bound for internet, assume that I am resting, after a few nights with little sleep.  I will post, most likely a lot.  I’m thinking of writing a story.  Would anyone be interested in reading it if I posted it here?  I’m a versatile writer, I am curious to see people’s reactions.

UP NEXT: A post with people’s names because I am getting tired of writing he or she or him or her.  Inspired by a friend of mine’s post.