For I am a Fangirl

Squealing, screaming, squee-ing

High pitched and painful as I find

A Doctor Who poster is perfectly natural

For I am a fangirl


I am enthusiastically into stuff (DFTBA)

Into things like Harry Potter and Sherlock,

Doctor Who, Supernatural, Tumblr, John and Hank Green

For I am a fangirl


I can quote and recite and repeat phrases and ideas

that have fallen from the mouths of JK, or Moffet

I can dress like Ten or Nine, a bowtie for Eleven

For I am a fangirl


I can speak about the Host Club, about Haruhi

And all those wonderful boys.  I can talk about Sailor Moon

And As Told By Ginger and every other nineties cartoon

For I am a fangirl


But most of all, I own books

Thousands of volumes and tomes and editions

From Pretty Women to Vampire Academy and

So many in between.  I read

For I am a fangirl


(PS I apologize for all the sudden poetry, but I am desperately trying to catch up to my day count for poetry.  I’m oping to get to fifteen or sixteen before I go to sleep.  WISH ME LUCK!)


So, I found out there were ants in my apartment today.  Just my room, no one else has them.  It was this giant unhappy moment of… well fucking great.  Just fucking beautifully great.

I bought ant traps and hopefully that will work.  It’s just stupid and I don’t like ants and I need to go wash everything in my room after my dentist appointment tomorrow….

Oh no… the dentist… fuck.  I don’t like the dentist.  I really don’t.  I’m sure not very many people like the dentist, but I just have, not a fear, but an aversion to them.  They are useful in society and for my health, but that does not mean I have to enjoy having my teeth scrapped clean.

I’m back home for the night, just entertaining myself.  I have been watching the vlogbrothers and hanks plays video games on youtube and I enjoy them both way too much.  I’ll probably start on crash course soon.

So my friend Pretty in Pink made me CDs for Christmas.  She made these really sweet play lists and they really really made me smile.  She’s such a good friend. I love her.

Well, I’m going to watch some more youtube videos and hopefully try and post some more after dinner.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

What I plan on discussing in this post may offend some of you and is actually a rather serious matter in what is usually a light hearted blog.

I was watching a vlogbrother’s video about gay marriage.  Hank Green was pointing out flaws in those against it’s arguments.  I do agree with that fact that people, everyone everything should have the right to get married, but it was the comments that got to me.

There were people who just bashed Hank and bashed gay marriage and started going on and on about all the things that we shouldn’t like.  Obviously that started a large commenting war between the pros and cons.

There are many hot topics concerning so many things for people in this day and age.  Gay marriage and abortions and gun rights and the right.  I have my opinions on them.  Do my opinions matter?

Well… yes and no.

To me, they matter.  I think everyone should be free to love whom ever they want to love.  Guns (especially after Sandy hook) are part of the problem, but so is the health and mental welfare of America.  The gun laws are fine, it is the people who do damage with them.  If someone wants to have an abortion, then they can have it.  I couldn’t do that, but if someone else wants to get an abortion?  Go for it?  Who am I to stop you?

The point of this post to tell everyone here what I tell everyone in real life.  We are all entitled to our opinions.  However, they are opinions.  That means no one is right and no one is wrong.  It is what we believe.  And so long as you don’t shove down anyone else’s throat, then we’re cool.

For example, protesting gun rights?  Totally cool by me.  Protesting anything?  Right on, do what you think you need to.  Be peaceful about your protesting.

These are my opinions and that is all they are.  I think everyone should be happy and healthy and safe.  I have a love of little kids and I love people.  I want everyone to be happy.  This country, these people I see screaming that they are right, need to understand that their opinion is there opinion.  That’s all it is.  A fucking opinion.

The thing that started this rant was a comment made by my ex on a link of a friend.  The link was to pictures of a protest where the protesters had their guns with them.  They weren’t threatening anyone, they were simply exercising their right to peacefully protest and bare arms.  It’s all good in my book.  The comment started with that my ex wished something like this would happening locally.  That he wouldn’t mind slinging his AR and making a few protest signs.  It is the last statement I have problem with.

Protesting?  I’m cool with.  Right to bare arms?  I’m cool with that too.  But that statement made me feel like he simply wants an excuse to tote his gun around and look impressive.  He wants to be the bigger man.  And that…. that pisses me off to no end.  I understand he is much more into gun rights that I am.  Good for him. I think out second amendment is fine exactly as it should be.  Our second amendment is in place to protect the people.  the way he phrased it makes it sound like he doesn’t want to protect the people, just his over inflated ego.

There, rant done.

To those I’ve offended, I remind you.  An opinion is an opinion, neither right nor wrong.  We are all entitled to our own.