Routines and investments for teaching

Good morning.  Yet again, I am awake much earlier than I had anticipated being awake. Why?  I still have no idea why I am conscious.  The past few weeks I haven’t been able to get out of bed before ten, much less be entirely conscious before seven.  I don’t know what it is… but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth I suppose.  I’ve got my coffee and my cereal, sent off an email to my adviser regarding some paperwork, have my happy light on.

Something I’m really big into is routines.  I like knowing what I’m doing in the day, I like to have  a schedule of sorts.  I don’t have to follow it down to the minute, but I like knowing what I’m doing, where I’m going, what needs to be done for the day.  I also like being able to follow the same sort of steps for my day.

I wake up, I have my cereal and coffee.  I check my email and a few other things.  I shower, wash my hair, all those good things.  Then I get out of the shower, return to the computer or read while I have yogurt and fruit.  Then I blow dry my hair, brush my teeth, put make up and clothes on, fix snack and my bag, then I am out the door.  It’s a simple morning thing.  It really helps me focus for the day.  Is that strange?  I’ve seen college kids who literally just fly out of bed and run to class.  I couldn’t do that.  With the extra time this morning, I’m working on a topic presentation on teaching spelling.  I actually really enjoyed spelling as a kid, which makes doing this topic presentation a little less formidable.  I hope I enjoy teaching spelling.

Speaking of teaching, let me come to my next point.  Last night, for my science class, I attended a teaching panel, as an audience member of course.  We had several elementary school teachers come in and talk to us about their jobs, as well as any struggles or advice they had.  They teachers were all very helpful, even if they did incite a little fear from me.  Something I wanted to note was that they mentioned investments for teaching.

What precisely is an investment for teaching?  Something that you might not use terrible much now, but you will use a lot in the field.  Things like teaching appropriate clothes, especially with student teaching coming up in a year, and technology, like an iPad.

I kept thinking…

Investments?  Investing in clothes for teaching, clothes that are comfortable, nice, professional, and most all tat you can move in.  You can’t move around in five inch heels with first graders, you’d keel over.  It just makes me think, because I own and wear a lot of jeans and boots.  So i keep thinking about teaching appropriate ensembles and how much money I’m probably going to have to spend on them…

Then there’s the iPad.  I admit it, I think they are really cool.  I have seen lots of apps that teachers can use to help their students learn and I think that it’s brilliant.  However, do you know how pricey an iPad with 64 gb is? About 700 dollars.  That is insane.  The thing is, they give out iPads for a class I’m taking next semester and Azure Lights and Mayzie la Bird both have them right now.  They are addicted.b  What happens when you have to give it back?  I’d rather buy one and then have it to keep.  So there goes some of my potential earnings for this summer, if i can convince the keeper of my bank account (my mum) to spend money on such a frivolous thing.

It all seems so crazy that I’m thinking about the real world, really teaching and being with kids…

I’m scared, but I know I can do it.

Move out of the way Writer’s block

So, I have been having some nasty writer’s block as of late.  It happens.  Sometimes the muse just isn’t in me or sits there, taunting me.

However, I think I may have found an answer to my block.

It’s called “642 Things to Write About” by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

My mom got it from a friend of hers but she’s not really the writing type.  So… she regifted it to me while she was wrapping presents.  And now…

I have lots of things to write about.  I’m going to try and write them in the book first and then write different versions here on wordpress.  Let’s see how this goes….


And yes, I am super excited about this.  Super fucking madly happy excited.

Princess trapped


For these sheets are all I know

Delicate pink, princess quality

Innocence in competence

This is all that was expected of me

This pink quality, muffled

Shrieking in femininity

Nothing but a little girl

When really, all I want to do


Is write.

To inspire the people

Showing them my point of view

Where I am a princess trapped

In my youth, in my tower

Where I am trapped as a

Little girl forever



These are what I want to do

To write books

On places I have never been

Or places that may never exist

With people whom are both friend

And enemy alike

to write plots where twists and turns

are indeterminable

This is my passion

Despite my innocence

I want to write

But all that I am is a

Princess trapped




This is what I love about being a blogger.  Since I am happy, I will post happy pictures.  So here is an adorable kitty cat.  Precious.

This kitty cat also signifies where I will be for a few days.


While I will still travel north bound for internet, assume that I am resting, after a few nights with little sleep.  I will post, most likely a lot.  I’m thinking of writing a story.  Would anyone be interested in reading it if I posted it here?  I’m a versatile writer, I am curious to see people’s reactions.

UP NEXT: A post with people’s names because I am getting tired of writing he or she or him or her.  Inspired by a friend of mine’s post.