Look at me… I’ve been busy today.

Woke up around eight thirty.  Got out of the apartment by nine fifteen.  Worked on homework in the lounge for an hour or two.  Then my mum came to visit.  WE got bagels and then she took me Christmas shopping for my apartment mates.  Since they know about this blog, I won’t say what I go them.  BUT IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

Just got back and am doing more homework.  After that, it’s going to be laundry, and cleaning up my room and the living room.  Then going out to the bars again!  This time with a different group.  I am excited though.

I am worried about a friend of mine.  I feel like I might have hurt him and I really don’t want to hurt him.  I’m hoping I can be there for him.  Whether he wants to or not.  I’m stubborn like that.

Alright. Lesson plan, three quarters done.  Before I leave: reflection essay for creative writing (which ironically doesn’t sound very creative at all), finish lesson plan, make mock up portfolio, do reflection rough draft.  I think i can manage that in a few hours…

I hope.

Busy Bee today

So far I have finished two lesson plans and my sestina!

His coffee colored eyes found her dancing, the moment he walked in.

She was Hell on high heels, her saccharine smile parallel to sweet tea

With corn silk blonde hair twinning about that smiling, spinning head

In a heartbeat, he knew her. It all came back into him, she was his ace.

The tall man exclaimed with a loud yelp, “Oh good Lord… Fuck me!”

While his reaction was passionate fire, hers was cold as Winter’s ice.


The country song that came on the juke box next is the ladies’ choice

Had she forgotten the past, did she remember as she asked him to join?

By the dance floor, a sexy scent surrounded him, set his senses aflame

She wore tight blue denim that showed off her little waist, fine booty,

And long legs.  Her shirt buttoned under the bust, he knew the surface

Of skin on her back held a tattoo, vicious snaked called a copperhead.


With the cold in her eyes and passion in her hips, he was a blockhead.

Of course she recalled their violent past, but this dance was her choice.

Her body was lithe in its movement, southern twang mixed with grace.

The reactions were the same, bodies close; what did she wish to attain?

Desire filtered in his mind, as their eyes met; the gaze fueled up acidity

On her side.  He was reminiscent of the first time she came to his home.


They danced and listened to the lyrics, whether or not they did rhyme.

He felt that sweet connection rise and he thought about getting ahead.

That’s when his eyes landed on the ring, she’d always had an affinity

For things that sparkled.  He’d never done that, with all his cowardice,

Proposed to her, but he wished he did.  Goosebumps covered his skin

While he bolted, pink colors sparking to life on the cheeks of his face


At the bar, he ordered a tall and stiff drink, downing it with a grimace

He felt her gaze on him, as the bridal party chatter, bringing his blame

To the forefront of his mind, as he tried to disperse his thoughts of sin

With each passing whiskey on the rocks, he desperately tried to shed

However, the man who sat lonely on his stool would have to suffice

With the painful memories of his ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity


He thought what he had done to her was a complete and utter calamity

With a blink of an eye he’d given her up, for a girl who only wore lace

Disappearing from the apartment without a timely two week’s notice

He felt sickened with his moronic acts, feeling absolutely loathsome

With one more drink and the sensation of swearing like a bonehead

He picked himself up and let himself out, for it had all been in vain


Here it is.  Enjoy, I am going to sell clothes and do more homework.  Ugh….




This cat gets it.  This cat understands!

Sigh, too much homework.  I don’t want to rewrite m Shakespeare paper, write a sestina, do three lesson plans, do a unit plan, and start studying for finals.

Procrastination time.  I’m going to get off the laptop, read a book and nap.  Then after i nap i shall wake up, have a light snack, shower, get ready for thanksgiving dinner and then go.  When I return, I will most likely be in a better mood than I am now.  I will write up my thankful post and most likely stay up late doing work.  Ugh…

At least none of this work is due the day I return to school. There’s some brightness to this post!