Clean Sheets

Tugging the yards of fabric

Warm from the dryer, my feet carry

Me back to the room, quickly I tuck sheets in place.


He grumbles, sleepy, displeased that I have roused him

From the tempting mistress, Slumber

Coalescing, he flops on the fitted sheet, a smile on his face.


I stand at the top of the bed, Whipping the sheet

Until it is straight along the lines of the mattress

His grin grows as the warm sheet and comforter follow


Tucking him in, I feel a memory pull at my consciousness

Of my mother doing laundry, promises of clean sheets

Long after the sand man had visited


I recall her stepping into my room, and

Draping the warm sheets around me.  They felt

Like love and happiness and comfort


No wonder I love clean sheets


Life with Mononucleosis

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s Wednesday.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and I’m not going to lie, I am not happy about it.  I mean, it’s nice to know what wrong with my body, but MONO??  I was not happy when I found to say the least.  Right now, my body aches a bit, my nose is stuffy, my tummy is tender feeling, and the lymph node on my side of my neck is so swollen that is is pressing painfully against my throat and it hurts.

It is most definitely not the greatest time in my life.  However, I report that I have excellent company as of this moment in time.

My lovely cat Mouse refuses to leave my bed.  She seems to be concerned for my general welfare and happiness as she knows I love her and she knows that since I’m pretty much bed ridden at the moment, I have no choice but to pet her while I fall asleep.  She’s a lovely cat, she is.  Except for when she bites, but that only happens when she is crabby or you touch her white spot.

Otherwise, my days hasn’t exactly been full of lots of excitement.  I have been sleeping for the most part and drinking lots of fluids.  I’ve been rereading City of Bones so I can start reading the rest of the series and know where I am going.  I am hoping (desperately so) to be well enough in the morning to go to my classes so my teachers can talk with me face to face about my absences and my mono, which I think might be alright.  The teachers who have gotten back to me about my mono have all been really nice about it, which gives me high hopes for their acceptance of my absences in the future.  Here’s hoping at least….

My mom wants me to come home for a few days.  I can see her point of view for the fact that her daughter is slowly getting sicker.  I don’t know, I really want to try and make it to my Tuesday Thursday classes before I go home and to my Math class on Friday because it’s only the first week of the semester and I cannot believe that I am ill enough to have missed two days.  TWO DAYS!

It’s a travesty I tell you.

I usually don’t mind skipping class once in a blue moon, but this is seriously uncool.  I don’t want to fall behind this semester, I would be terrified to do so this early in the game.   I guess that is why i’m a little unsure about going home and having my parents take care of me.  Although, for all the excuses I could have found to have my parents take care of me, Mono is a pretty damn good one.

So, to remedy a small misconception, how does my mother know?  Well, I called her after my appointment and she visited me last night, bringing me left overs and food and my thermometer, which I hadn’t had before, and a balloon.

Yes, my mommy got me a balloon.  I was ecstatic.  I like balloons but this one says I love you and is shaped like a heart.  I guess it makes me feel very special.


642 Things to Write About: 7

Prompt: How you’re just like your mother

There are days where I say something or do something and am under the sudden, perfect knowledge that it was something my mother would do or say.  For a moment, I am embarrassed  sad in a way.  Then I realize we may all end up like our parents and that I am simply more aware of it than my friends.  While I see the traits my father has given me more often than mom (the blonde hair, blue eyes, messy nature)  they are there.

We both tend to be more introverted, but that does not mean we cannot have fun. It’s difficult for both of us to admit that we’re wrong, especially when we yell at each other.  We both like the same sort of cowl neck sweaters and impulsive, situational swearing.  For example:

When my mom swears, we all point it out.  She’s usually swearing over dropping something.  I dropped two rolls of bread after grocery shopping and swore in the drive way.  Mom laughed.

We are similar, but not.  I know I”ll end up turning into my parents one day.  It’s just a strange thought to see those qualities now.

Move out of the way Writer’s block

So, I have been having some nasty writer’s block as of late.  It happens.  Sometimes the muse just isn’t in me or sits there, taunting me.

However, I think I may have found an answer to my block.

It’s called “642 Things to Write About” by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

My mom got it from a friend of hers but she’s not really the writing type.  So… she regifted it to me while she was wrapping presents.  And now…

I have lots of things to write about.  I’m going to try and write them in the book first and then write different versions here on wordpress.  Let’s see how this goes….


And yes, I am super excited about this.  Super fucking madly happy excited.