Day Four Questions: Music

1.  Do you have a favorite kind of music?  I don’t actually.  I have music that I love to listen to, but it changes so frequently.  I like to listen to lots of things.  Music is a form of expression for me and it’s something that I find thrilling.  I listen to classical, pop, punk, rock, country (to name a few).  Music speaks to me, so I listen to all of it.

2. What song is currently stuck in your head?  ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!nk featuring Nate Ruess.  It’s been playing on the radio a lot when I go out with the boy and it’s very good.  I also really like Nate Ruess

3. Are their song lyrics that you find yourself connecting to a bad time in your life?  “Back to the sun/ Back to the shore/ Back to what I was before/ Back where I’m known/ back in my own very small pond/ Laugh with my friends/ when I arrive/ We’ll drop the top and just drive/ that’s fine with me/ Just let me be/ Legally Blonde”  This song is form the musical Legally Blonde, it’s sung after Elle gets hit on by Callahan and starts to leave.  It is a heart breaking song, one i immediately latched on to after my break up last year.  I played it on rep

4. Did you ever play an instrument?  I played the clarinet for ten years, starting in elementary school and finishing up with a year in college.   I also picked up piano senior year of high school and have been fiddling around with it ever since.

5. Were you ever in a band?  Not a garage band, but school bands?  Yes.  I was in my elementary school band, my middle school concert band, my high school concert band, my high school MARCHING BAND, and one year of college marching band.  

6. Do you find that music helps in certain situations or hurts?  Music, for me at least, helps no matter what.  You just have to find the right music.

7. What’s the first album you remember owning?  The Pokemon television soundtrack.  

8. Musicals: Yay or Nay?  YAY!  YES!  I love musicals, was in them in middle school, and have always loved a good show.

9. Does music inspire you?  All the time.  Usually to write

10. Theme music for a show that you still remember from when you were a kid.  The As Told by Ginger theme music.

11. Last song you listened to?  I’m Alive sung by Aaron Tveit

Hoppy Easter! (see what I did there?)



I know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but either way have an amazing day.

If you do celebrate, what did you get in your Easter basket?

I got some new eye shadow palettes, some gift cards to ULTA, iTunes (which has already been used), and grocery money, as well as… BOOKS!  I got Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen and The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

If you’re wondering what I bought on iTunes, I got a song by Jon Cozart (if you don’t now who he is, go look him up… like fucking now), some songs from teh Next To Normal Soundtrack, Do You Hear the People Sing ? from Les Mis, Titanium by David Guetta, I Am The Doctor, and all of Sherlock Season One soundtrack.  before writing this I was dancing around in my pajamas to the music.  I am happy little bunny today.


(or if you do not celebrate, HAPPY SUNDAY!)

A really strange morning that turned around thanks to a smoothie

Alright, so I keep waking up at all odd hours of the morning, which is both bad and strange since mono means I should be sleeping more… not less.

Today I woke up at five thirty.  And have not yet gone back to sleep.

Then our kitchen is something of a disaster right now, no one will empty the dish washer and we’ve got dishes that are slowly trying to take over the kitchen. They sent their warning message to me today by launching a champagne glass at me.  I deflected it, but the glass did not fare so well.  It shattered on the floor.  So I cleaned that up and I felt really bad about breaking a glass and so I sulked back to my room and worked on my paper project for today and got ready and then went to get paperwork signed.

While I was out getting paperwork done, I was listening to this absolutely awesome playlist that gave me an idea based on a gif I saw which sparked something else entirely!  In short, I started writing in starbucks while I drank my orange mango smoothie.  It was delicious.  🙂  The smoothie got me all excited and I got back home and I wrote…

I’m still writing and very pleased about it 🙂


642 Things to Write about: 6

Prompt: How someone (or something) saved your life.

It wasn’t one specific person who saved my life, not that I was in dire need of saving anyway.  High school had started and I could feel that all intense pull to retreat, to become the introvert that I know I am some days.  It was a bad situation, but as August drew to an end, I did in fact find my savior.

My savior was no one human and not one specific event.  My savior was marching band.  Yes, this is an entry into my band geek past.  I was terrified of high school, it meant growing up and that was something I was keen to avoid as a fourteen year old.  I did not know how the dynamics of the high school worked, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

Marching band has this thing the week before school which my mother thought was brilliant.  It’s called band camp, or as every band student fondly refers to it as… hell week. In the late summer sun, on a field, in a practice room or in the locker room, we band geeks thrive on this week or die by it.  It a week where music is learned, marching is taught or retaught, and drills are tattooed into our heads like the lyrics to a favorite song.

Marching band was my savior, my little super power that kept me going.  While I was at odds with concert band since middle school practices were held far too early for my tastes, marching band was an entirely different story.  Marching band met after school and for Friday football games.  It was those games where you learned how to endure cold, hot, itching uniforms and the terrifying swarms of students at the snack bar.

Coming into high school was terrifying to me.  Marching band gave me a place, a thing, a duty.  Senior year when I really was faced with growing up, marching band gave me a job.  Assistant to the director and student director.  While I had desperately hoped to become drum major, I did have my shining moment.  My awkwardness was overcome when I got up on that podium and conducted.  I did that in front of thousands of people on night or two.  It was the biggest rush I have felt.

Marching band saved me.