Just one more final

Just one more final and I will be free

And on another note, the guy I went out on a date with?  It’s all going well.  He’s come over quite a bit, but a lady never kisses and tells.  😉  Slow is the word for what is going on.  Any of you who assume otherwise only make an ass out of you and me.  SLOW.  I will not jump into anything.  I won’t.

I feel a need to write some poetry, however I am unsure what about…

I am running on four hours of sleep because I wanted to finish my paper last night, but then some people came over and I stayed up until close to two.  So I woke up early and finished it.  It’s not bad.

Just need to do my reflection.

But first, a well earned nap.

So my final exam fro my Shakespeare class is yet another normal lecture.  But this time, there’s food and coffee.  Thank you cause I did not have breakfast this morning.  Apple juice and Sunchips and cookies.  My final paper is called “Everyone dies”  I think it’s clever and rather spot on.

God damn you, my need to sleep.

Sudden Need to do Nothing

Well this bites.

I woke up early.  Showered.  Blow dried my hair.  Made scrambled eggs and toast.  Fed the cat.  Posted on blog.  I woke up all excited and happy because I felt good.


I just felt this sudden wave of … inability.  I just want to curl up in bed and read or nap or something. Argh.

Winter blues suck some days.  Alright, stay positive.

I think I will continue to stay in bed.  The library doesn’t open until noon and the  Starbucks next to it doesn’t open until two.  I really want a gingerbread latte while I do my arts and craft things for my lesson plan.  I think I will be patient then.  Take a short nap, read a little of my Regency Romance Collection, blog a bit, and around two or three go to the library to do work.  Note to self: before going to library pick up overdue books and papers to make letters.


Well, on the plus side… NAP TIME