Adventures in the ER

Last night was quite the adventure for me.

NO!  I was not in the ER.  I mean I was there, but the reason for my presence there was for my friend, Amy Pond.

Amy Pond has been in a lot of pain lately and she thought it might be an ovarian cyst.  So, me and my boy took her to the ER.  We got there around eight thirty.  We left at… two thirty.  She had some tests and right now it looks like she’s just got some pain.  They gave her pain killers and she seems to be doing alright.

So yeah, I spent six hours in an ER…

Terrifying?  Yes.

I’m a bit of a germaphobe.  I hate the idea of  being sick so I was freaking out quite a bit.  I wasn’t quite sure why i was panicking, but I did good.  I stayed with Amy Pond and told stupid stories about my time in hospitals or accidents or injuries fro my family.  Me and my brother are kind of the injury prince and princess.  We get hurt more frequently than anyone else I know 😛

Did I get some stuff done? I read.  I picked 50 Shades of Grey the other night.  I wanted something mindless and that book… is about as mindless as I can get for the most part.  🙂

Now we’re back home and I’m tending to Amy Pond, hoping that she’ll be ok.  Here’s hoping.


A little Fuzzy at the edges

(a poem)

Pain waxes and wains through the hours

Passing, fleeting, harsh, sharp

Unsure of how to take it

She stands tall and puts on

A brave, pale face


The edges of her world

Are defined in HD as a wave

Of hurt echoes between

Jaw bone and ear and head

Suddenly, she can’t take it


Reaching for the bottle,

She swallows, with a wince

exactly, precisely one little white pill

That the doctor prescribed

To keep the pain away


That little white pill, valiant

Fights off demonic power

The pain unsettles and disperses

Sluggishly, but noticable

She begins to feel


A little fuzzy at the edges


All warm and pain free,

She stumbles, graceless in her stead

In bed, she sleeps,

But her dreams run rampant

A little fuzzy at the edges