Princess trapped


For these sheets are all I know

Delicate pink, princess quality

Innocence in competence

This is all that was expected of me

This pink quality, muffled

Shrieking in femininity

Nothing but a little girl

When really, all I want to do


Is write.

To inspire the people

Showing them my point of view

Where I am a princess trapped

In my youth, in my tower

Where I am trapped as a

Little girl forever



These are what I want to do

To write books

On places I have never been

Or places that may never exist

With people whom are both friend

And enemy alike

to write plots where twists and turns

are indeterminable

This is my passion

Despite my innocence

I want to write

But all that I am is a

Princess trapped



So many flowers

Pretty pink petals

Virtuous white blossoms

Their fragrance speaks for themselves


So powerful in their colors or their bleach

Fragile to the slightest breeze, rain, a footstep


I have always loved flowers, even though they give me the sniffles in the spring.  Their smell is wonderful and I love to just sit and sketch them.  I haven’t been able to as of late, since it is winter and there are no flowers.  However, I want to let you all know that I am a giant fan of botanical gardens.  I love green houses filled with greenery and flowers.  I feel like a fairy when I’m inside them.

Once upon a time, my ex took me to a botanical garden.  It was New Year’s Eve.  He took me to this room with hundred of orchids.

I felt so at peace.  I love flowers.

I hope to return to some botanical garden some day and take pictures, bring my notebook with me.  See if the flighty fairy muses will appear and grant me a story.


Be like the flower

Who even gives its fragrance

To the hand that crushes it

HOPE and cats

Now, since I didn’t have the greatest day yesterday, I wanted to put something up that makes me smile.  The vile of hope is one of my favorite pictures.

And I just love cats!

Hope is all I have some days.  It’s all anyone has some days.  Hope is what I feed on and what I desire.  Hope keeps me going.  It will keep you going as well.  I have faith, I believe.


And so does this adorable cat!