Quieting Ease

There is a quieted silence

an easy weight on my shoulders

As I wake up, feed the cats

who scuttle beneath my feet.


Although I could return

to those soft sheets, still warm

I stay up, make something to eat

Pull out things to do


Creating a list of things

to do, dishes, litter, nails

I stop to pause, listening

to that quiet of summer in my house


Heat beaten back by air conditioning

Bugs fluttering away at windows

Meows of a lonely cat

An easy moment amongst my days

A little lounge on campus

I have found a small area of peace on North Campus.

At my college, we have a North campus and a South campus.  I live on South campus, in a series of apartments owned by the university.  South campus consists of several apartment complexes, a small store, several parking lots, a health and science building, and our football field, as well as a variety of other sports fields and a nature walk area.

North campus is where all of the traditional dormitories are and where the class buildings are.  There’s the student center and several places to eat.  North campus is also where my ex and his new girlfriend tend to reside, as both of them have dormitories in the buildings on North.

So, I tend to spend most of my time on South campus, in my apartment with my little cat and my two best friends/ roommates, and the one really f*cking crazy one.

Today, however, I found a place of reprieve on North campus.  There is a lounge on the third floor of the student center.  It’s quiet and warm and is full of windows.  Sunshine is important to me because of all the winter blues and things like that.  It’s quiet and there are couches and arm chairs.  You can sleep in peace or do homework or read or whatever you think you’d like to do that is relatively silent.

I have another place I like to go, but Starbucks is different.  That has a very specific hipster, college student feel to it.  There’s too much hustle and bustle, although the smell of caffeine brewing is indescribable (more like heaven really).  I also am doing my best to not run into my stupid ex.  So I do my best avoid places where he tends to be.

This lounge though… he has his room and his new girlfriend’s place and all the lounges in their two buildings.  I have this little space on North where I know to be safe.  Calm.  Quiet.  Safe.

Here I can read, write, type, sleep, breathe.