Less than a week til work starts

Alright, so as some of you many or may not know, I work as a nanny in the summertime.  The reason that makes sense to me is because the kids go to school and have after school programs during the rest of the year.  However, int eh summer time, just like me, they are on vacation from all of that.  However, parents can’t always take off for a whole summer to watch and play and enjoy the warmth of the season that permeates us with sticky Popsicles and running through sprinklers and simply just doing the things that we enjoy most.

That’s where I come in.

To be specific about these kids, there are two.  They are both boys.  One of them is four and the other is six.  They are fair skinned and blonde and have blue eyes, and often get mistaken for being my own children (which leads to very interesting stories).  They are good kids and I have known the elder one since he was 18 months and the younger one I have known since his birth.  They are like family to me and I am like family to them.

So I nanny.

What is a nanny?  What is it that I do all day?

I get my butt out of bed early.  I make myself breakfast and much needed coffee.  I grab my bag, my lunch, and any activities that I plan on doing during the day, then I walk.  Yes, I walk to work.  I do not have a license, I also cannot justify driving what is essentially five blocks away from my house to the house of the two boys I nanny.  However, once I get my license and am able to drive, I probably will do to the fact that then I will be able to take the kids places and we won’t have to walk everywhere which gets boring and tedious when it gets hot.

So I walk there.  I drop off my lunch in the fridge, talk to which ever parent is there about whatever until that parent leaves.  at this point, the four year old might be up already or might still be asleep.  If he’s up, he gets to pick what we watch or if he’d like to read a book with me or if he wants breakfast or wants to wait for his brother.  Usually, we end up watching TV and I end up relaxing a little.  If neither child is up, I get that precious time to drink some more coffee and read without constantly listening for accidents or worries.

Once they’re both up, I make breakfast and we play games or get dressed and go outside.  I am pretty much their play slave until lunch, in which I make food and then there is nap time.  After that little segment of piece, they are both at it again with video games or going outside or whatever we choose to do.  Then the parent comes home, I walk home and generally don’t move for a little while because I am so tired.

But the thing about this summer, rather than last summer is that now we have a pool membership.  I think this will be great because I love swimming and pools and just generally all things that are involved in those.  The boys love to swim and we now have a place to go outside of the house.  There will also usually be kids they know there which makes my life a little easier and I will get to stay in a bathing suit for most of summer, something I haven’t done since I myself belonged to the swim club.

That was a lot of ranting about my job, or well the general directions and applications of my job.

Did you guys I know I love my job?

Seriously, I do though.  I work in the summers, I get paid really well (I won’t go into details, but I can usually stretch the money I make in the summer time to make grocery trips for all of first semester and half of second semester.)  I get to basically hang out with little kids all day and sure, they do crazy things like run around in their underwear or steal from one another or decide (you will have no idea how long it took me to spell that correctly) that it should be play fight time and then I am subjected to running and hiding and shin kicks.  These kids though, they are like my kids.  I love them and getting to work with them every day is fantastic.

Enough sappy talk about me and my love for young humans.  Let’s talk about what I’ve been doing since school let out.

Sleep.  There has been a lot of sleep.  I am enjoying not having to wake up for any particular reason.  There’s been packing.  Since I am moving otu of this apartment and partially back home, partially into my boy’s new house,  I have been packing a lot.  My room is pretty bare right now and it’s  strange for me.  I have been taking walks and making food and watching youtube (so much youtube) and reading.  There has been an insane amount of reading.  I plan on reading more actually once I am done this post.

Today’s to-d0: pack more stuff, read more, go for a walk because it’s not too terribly hot out and I’d like to walk without sweating an inhumane amount.  I should also make lunch and run the dishwasher again and then read and write and put my sheets in the laundry machines so that they can be clean and lovely.

DFTBA everyone and I hope you all have a lovely day!

A raging… Headache and some character development

Good Afternoon.

So today is day three of my my spring break.  I woke up at six again, kissed my boy good bye, and have been awake ever since.  Around seven i noticed a slight pressure at my temples.  Assuming it to be allergies, I waved it off and grabbed a cup of coffee (butter toffee with sugar and cream, so fucking good) and some Chex cereal before returning to bed to work on my character development.

As a human being, I know what I am good at.  I also know that there are things that I absolutely suck at in life.  I accept them and move on.  Something I’m really good at is giving compliments, finding unique features in people.  If i’m looking for someone or trying to avoid them, I can pick them out of a crowd, like a giant crowd.  I can disappear in a crowd.  I can change a diaper and soothe unhappy babies.

Something I’m not great at?  Giving my story back bone.  Back bone being development of characters, places, plots sometimes.  Usually I just let my muse force me every which way.  So, I am trying out character development sheets so I can have dynamic characters because it’s going to be these three main characters that essentially drive thsi story.  it will their relationships, their persons that draw you in (hopefully).

So in trying to create dynamic characters, I’m writing down as much background as possible.  So my main character, I’m debating on whether she should be blonde or brunette right now, but most of her back story is done.  She’s got tattoos.  They’re flowers.  I keep imagining it and it’s looking really cool.  But I can’t decide on what the rest of her should look like.  She’s either going to be a dark blonde with blue eyes and gold toned skin.  OR a brunette (like coffee with just a touch of cream color) with brown eyes and tan, beige skin.  Either would work for her heritage, but I keep leaning towards the brunette.  What do you guys think?

As for my other two characters, their looks have already been done.  I’m more worried about keeping my female blonde because one had black curly hair and is pale, while the other has brown hair (light chocolate colored) and I don’t want it to be too many brunettes, but ARGH.

Otherwise, my head ache is disappearing, I might nap soon.  Or I’ll keep writing until I drop.

Desire for Ink

Alright my lovely followers, here’s a not so well known fact about me.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo.  I’ve been drawing on myself and other people  since I was really little.  I gave out fake, hand drawn tattoos at carnivals and parties.  I just really like the idea of ink.  It’s beautiful.

There is a downside.  Any ink I get has to be completely hidden for teaching.  So no where obvious.  I mean, I could have it out, but I would rather have it hidden to start.

I can’t keep my mind set on any given decision well.  I tend to change my thoughts quickly and randomly.  However, I do have a kind of idea in my head.  I wanted to incorporate a lot of things I love into a singular tattoo idea.  Things I love being: cats, books, teaching, dreaming.

There’s a book I love to read to kids called “The Wish Come True Cat.”  It is a story about Tom, a cat who is looking for a home.  The girl who finds him after wishing on a star doesn’t want him because he’s not a kitten.  She starts to like him and leaves him outside when a snow storm hits.  she lets him inside and she keeps him.  it’s about finding a forever home, having a cat, wishes, dreams, perseverance.

There’s a picture from the children’s book that I love.  it’s Tom sitting on the steps, happy.

I want it on my thigh.  That way no one can see it, but I can have it.


Here he is.

Adventures in the ER

Last night was quite the adventure for me.

NO!  I was not in the ER.  I mean I was there, but the reason for my presence there was for my friend, Amy Pond.

Amy Pond has been in a lot of pain lately and she thought it might be an ovarian cyst.  So, me and my boy took her to the ER.  We got there around eight thirty.  We left at… two thirty.  She had some tests and right now it looks like she’s just got some pain.  They gave her pain killers and she seems to be doing alright.

So yeah, I spent six hours in an ER…

Terrifying?  Yes.

I’m a bit of a germaphobe.  I hate the idea of  being sick so I was freaking out quite a bit.  I wasn’t quite sure why i was panicking, but I did good.  I stayed with Amy Pond and told stupid stories about my time in hospitals or accidents or injuries fro my family.  Me and my brother are kind of the injury prince and princess.  We get hurt more frequently than anyone else I know 😛

Did I get some stuff done? I read.  I picked 50 Shades of Grey the other night.  I wanted something mindless and that book… is about as mindless as I can get for the most part.  🙂

Now we’re back home and I’m tending to Amy Pond, hoping that she’ll be ok.  Here’s hoping.


Rant from last night and 200 LIKES!

So, last night I was feeling particularly down and I wrote up this rant.

Colleges that stuff a winter semester into their winter breaks need to have a basic understanding of something.  It drives the students who don’t want to, or whom are unable to, take classes insane.  I mean that literally.  It drives me nuts that I still have another two weeks of break left.  Most of my friends with colleges who have normal winter breaks have gone back and are busy studying and doing work.  The ones, like me, are just sitting around at home waiting.

Technically, I could be back at the apartment, however I am desperately trying to avoid buying my own groceries for as long as possible since my bank account is now controlled by my mother.  If I were back at my apartment, I’d have my roommates and my cat.  I love my family though, and when I go back to school I usually just stay there.  This isn’t freshmen year where I was home every weekend of every week I could.

I could be working, but I don’t have a steady job.  My steady job is babysitting and nannying in the summer.  I have babysat a few times and it has been wonderful.  However, that isn’t constant.  I see my friends and am tend be on the more active side of social.  These past two days have just been me in a kind of funk and it’s making me grumpy and the winter blues have not been helping.

I really miss my laptop.  It’s a weird statement, but I do.  I miss just sitting and typing on it, because let’s face it.  I love my iTouch very much, but the feeling of keys underneath my fingers is something that every writer knows and loves.  The same way I love holding paper and pencil.  The same way I love watching birds or turning a page or the snow.  By the way, I am not writing this on my iTouch.  I’m borrowing the house computer and writing on here.  It helps, writing, releasing my thoughts and letting them roam where ever they may please.

So I’m sitting a proper desk with a mug of hot berry tea in my sweats and a fleece jacket and writing.  It’s Tuesday night and I am still feeling a little down.  I know it will pass, I know that much.  I get little moments of sadness, boredom.  I have little moments of happy too.

When I’m bored, what do I do?  Well, I don’t sit in front of my television and browse.  Not lately anyway.   My brother has been home sick lately and if he has the couch, I can’t go down there.  I usually read or play on my iTouch or go on facebook and the like.  It’s a terribly boring time.  Sometimes I blog.  Clearly, I need to be doing more things.

I think another that might have me down is that I didn’t get to see my boyfriend tonight.  He was going to come by and give me a lesson for driving, but he got caught up at work.  Which is good actually.  He needs more work, he has had a dry spell and it’s bothering him since he has bills to pay and the like.  So work for him is good.  And I’ll see him soon since we’re kidnapping Pretty in Pink later this week.  I will have things later to do this week, it’s just at this present time in which I am bored as hell and feeling a little out of my mind.

I can’t tell if this has helped, but I think it has.  At least, it’s gotten it all out on paper, which is what I usually need.  Tomorrow I visit Nana, oh joy.  Let us hope that all goes well.  I am going to drink my tea and read some more, perhaps watch more John Green on Youtube.  Who knows?



So that was last night.

Today on the other hand seems to be going splendidly.  I am going to get tea with a friend in an hour or so, and perhaps I’ll find biscotti or a cookie at the cafe.  I will also get to see my boyfriend tonight and that makes me extremely happy.  I’ve done three loads of laundry, am reading a delightful new book, and will most likely finish it soon.

I want to thank the bloggers.  Because guess what?

I GOT 200 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!

That is amazing!  I adore you all and thank you so much.  It makes me so happy to see that you like what I write so thank you!

So Many Things

Alrighty, lots of things have been going on and I keep meaning to post but my laptop is a bitch and my iTouch is also giving me crap about posting, but what the hell, I am going to try.

So, my last few days have really been amazing. My grandparents gave me a happylight. It’s a light that releases daylight spectrum light waves. It’s light therapy, which is drastically helping my winter blues. I’ve been feeling better each day I use it.

I have been spending plenty of time with my friends and my boyfriend. It has been a great break. I have also been reading like crazy. I literally have gone through ten books since mid December.  It is crazy, but I am happy. I have to go apartment hunting on Monday, but hopefully that will all go well. I’m going shopping with a friend for her concert later in the month. It’s at her concert that I will be coming face to face with my x for the first time in a while. If you couldn’t tell by the animosity in which I write about him, I don’t really like him all that much. But I’ll have my boyfriend there, so I am going to be just fine

Now the only big decision I ha w is when to go back to the apartment. School doesn’t start til late January but I am allowed to go back at any time. Part of me wants to go back, but part of me really just wants to stay at my parent’s house. Going back means I have to start being a grown up again. Staying home means I can keep learning g how to drive ( did I mention hat? My boyfriend is teaching me the confidence part of driving. He says our date on Valentine’s day is going to be me taking my driver’s test. I’m scared to do it, but everyone is telling me I need to.)

being home is ‘t so bad. I also really don’t want to have to buy my own groceries again. I also can’t go back to school until I get my laptop fixed. We’re taking it to geek squad tonight before I go to Mayzie’s holiday party. Oh! That’s right! I HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!

The real question is what do I wear? I’m thinking my black cowl neck sweater with the belt, my skinny jeans, and my brown boots. I think that will work, I’ll see if I can work my red ribbon into my outfit so Mayzie won’t tell me I’m not holiday themed. Well, I need to read some more. I shall post soon! Now I know the secret to posting on my iPod, yay!

Here are the books I read: (in case anyone was wondering)

City of Bones

Vampire Academy


Shadow Kiss

Blood Promise

Spirit Bound

Last Sacrifice

Alice in Zombieland

The Fault in Our Stars

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Currently reading: Bloodlines and Winter blues

Princess trapped


For these sheets are all I know

Delicate pink, princess quality

Innocence in competence

This is all that was expected of me

This pink quality, muffled

Shrieking in femininity

Nothing but a little girl

When really, all I want to do


Is write.

To inspire the people

Showing them my point of view

Where I am a princess trapped

In my youth, in my tower

Where I am trapped as a

Little girl forever



These are what I want to do

To write books

On places I have never been

Or places that may never exist

With people whom are both friend

And enemy alike

to write plots where twists and turns

are indeterminable

This is my passion

Despite my innocence

I want to write

But all that I am is a

Princess trapped

Finally, the end is in sight

So this is it.  Finals week.

My finals include turning in my field teaching folder to my professor (today), handing in my last response for Shakespeare (tomorrow at eight), digitally turning in my last paper (by midnight tomorrow night), turning my essay (by the end of today) and turning in my poetry portfolio (by the end of today).

That’s it.  That is all that separates me from a glorious, six week, work free, holiday break!

I cannot wait to stop moving.  I want to sit in my bed for a few days, subsist on tea and veggies, and read.  Read all the time, all day, everyday.

Something like this would be perfect


There would probably need to be more shelves in this room for the books I have, but otherwise … this is just a little slice of perfection.  Flannel sheets, books, solitude.

It’s not that I’m not sociable.  I just have these moments where the introvert in me says “get out, go sit by yourself, and relax.”  Usually I listen to her.  This would be a perfect place to sit and relax.  Sigh…

I do so love books and beds.  I love to read in bed or in a comfy chair.

I love to read.

Books, magazines, articles, anything.  I just want to read it all.