Grades and why I feel like they don’t matter as much

This is the lovely time of year when the grades are posted after finals.

My grades you ask?  Why I got a B-, B, B+, and an A.  For me, that is literally like… good for me, especially since I had mono at the beginning of the semester and missed the first and part of the second week.  I think that all things considered, I am ok with my grades.  I did good enough, my GPA is good and I am fine with them.

I hate people who freak out about grades.  I have never freaked out about a grade, not fucking ever.  A lot of people I know react like it’s life or death, and maybe for them it is.

For me?

Grades don’t matter that much to me.  What are grades after college?  A GPA, little rattle of numbers to be looked upon during job interviews.  Ten years down the road, are people going to ask you about your GPA?

No, I feel like they aren’t.  I feel like grades once you get into the real world are just numbers, meaningless numbers.  Like, that’s been my position on grades since middle school.  They don’t freaking matter.  Are you failing?  No?  Good.  I am not an over achiever, I have a tendency to try my best and see where that goes.   If it doesn’t take me to an A, but a B?  GREAT!  I FREAKING TRIED.

I apologize for the ranty post.  I just got super irritable because Mayzie was like, “Hey, I got a 4.0, it’s perfect just like me (NOT).  Wat did youg et?  Why won’t you tell me, did you fail?  You failed didn’t you.”  I don’t care if she’s joking, if I don’t want to share it’s none of your goddamn fucking business what I got.


Words of Wisdom

A very near and dear person to my heart is usually the one whom I  hear the best advice from.

I have such example as:

“Fuck em”

“Technicalities” (usually said when losing an argument)

“It’s feeding time at the zoo.”

And my personal favorite

“Think of it in absolutes.  You either are or aren’t.  It’s that simple.”

For me, that is crazy insane difficult.  I can consider options and worries and everything in between.  However, dealing with life with absolutes seems so wonderful during stressful times.

I am going to pass my finals.

I will not let any one get me down.

I will pass my next drivers exam.

I will not allow people to make me feel inferior.

I will.

Why on earth does that help so much?

Finally a post, a time to post


So I have risen forth from the slime and goo that is the week before finals.  Sometimes I think that the week before finals may actually be worse than finals.  there is always so much due and you try to get everything in that you can or things that you forget or rewrites of papers and then there is the preparing for finals.  I have finished five assignments today.  My analysis, my rubric, my third reflection, my lesson plan for teaching English Language Learner students, and my poetry commentary.  I feel really good.


I still have to finish my book for my pre schoolers.  I need to write their parents letter so they can contact me after I leave.  I need to write my fifth reflection, my Shakespeare final, my edits for my poems (which need to kick some serious ass so I can get a good grade on them), then I need to print out my edits, my original poems, and my essay.  Add do essay for speaker in there as well.

Ok, but I know I can do that!  I can do it!

I know I promised I’d write about my date, but I just don’t think I have the time…

Oh well, I’m posting about it anyway!

We went out to breakfast at one of the diners in town.  Breakfast food is great, diner breakfast food is even better.  We had plenty to talk about and then saw Skyfall.  Skyfall was amazing.  If you have not seen it yet, GO SEE IT!  He dropped me back off at apartment with a hug.  He said he had a really good time.  We’ve been texting and I made him dinner last night since he stopped me to see me.  🙂

So things, despite my stress levels, are going well!

Back into finals prep!

Write soon my bloggers!  Once this is over, expect a lot of posts!