Prepare for a whiny post!

I thought I would warn you all before you start reading that this post will be whiny, rant filled, a little angry in parts and generally bitchy.  Just forewarning in case you don’t want to hear my rant.

So Mayzie la Bird is a friend of mine.  We’re usually on good terms, but as of late she’s been getting on nerves.  This happens yearly.  We have a good phase then we have a phase where every last thing she does and says to me makes me want to rip her face off and show her how stupid/ ignorant/ insane/ judgmental she’s being.  But she doesn’t see it because she’s Mayzie.

A friend from home, we’ll call her Pixie, came to visit this weekend.  She’s having a rough time with her beau and he’s being a jerk.  So she wanted some comfort.  After the week I’ve had, i didn’t quite know if I could comfort her.  I’m pretty much dead right now.  Amy Pond’s circumstances have gotten better, but she’s still not home.  My work load has increased ten fold because my teacher realized she’d left out a major presentation on the syllabus but she wants to keep it in the class anyway.  I also have student teaching forms to file, another student teaching meeting this week, so much due, tests, projects, lesson plans, and just so much.  (be on the look out for poems about how busy I am)

So I’m tense, a little irritable and trying my best to be sociable.  I called up Mayzie’s roommate SteamPunk to ask if we, Pixie and I, could come and get breakfast tomorrow.  Last time I spoke to SteamPunk, I expressed an interest in having her and Pixie meet.  Pixie, with her rough time, could always use a friend and I think they’d be really good friends.  SteamPunk said yes and I was all happy cause we were gonna get breakfast and be happy.

Then Mayzie writes on my facebook wall, for all the internet to see, and I quote “Way to not call me that Pixie was here! And way to scare SteamPunk and I since we thought something was wrong. Way to be.”  (Names have been changed).

Normally, this would have prompted a sorry your highness response and a very snarky commentary.  but after the week I’ve had an the weeks I’m going to have, I just lost my shit.  I was angry and hurt and kept thinking, you could have just texted me.

First off bitch, Pixie came to visit me.  ME.  Not you.  I do not have to alert you every time someone from home visits me.

Second, I get that you care, but a call in the relatively early hours of the evening asking for breakfast is not cause for scare, concern, or worry.  SteamPunk did not freak out, but was just curious as to why I called.  Maybe you were worried.  WHY?  Because I called to ask about breakfast?  so yes, thank you for guilting me too.

Finally, you sound like a goddamn thirteen year old.  Grow up Mayzie.

There… I think I feel better.  I’m just… normally this wouldn’t phase me at all, but I’m so stressed about Amy Pond in the hospital and I’m dealing with a lot of her stuff, mainly family and giving information which I am not great at.  I’ve got so much work and my expenses for the summer are already taking over my bank account because I have to get pool membership so I can take the kids I nanny, there’s an iPad to be bought for classes and such next year, and much more to the list.

Thank god for my boy, he’s gets me through so much.

Thank god for Azure Lights too, she’s been super helpful and an amazing listener the past few days.

There, now I actually feel better.

I’m off to meet up with Pixie and then get to the dining hall for breakfast with SteamPunk and Mayzie.  To top it off, I look fucking fantastic.

Eat your heart out bitch

Why Group Projects Suck

I understand that in the importance of being a teacher, you need to do group projects.  You need to learn to work with people and get your sh*t done.  I am someone who usually does her work later on in the day so I won’t finish my essays until late.  That’s just how I work.  It’s how I’ve always worked.

This stupid b*tch in my group unit plan pretty much told me that I had not done anywork and that I was going to fail them and she’s super pissed right now.  I am so angry.  She just yelled at me.

Yes i understand you have more work to do outside of this class. So do I.  I have so much homework that I have literally been doing it non stop over break.  I understand that you think I’m not devoting enough time to this.  I’m doing all that I can.  I’m also trying to re-write a paper, do another few lesson plans and keep myself sane.  Hell, I went out last night and brought homework with me.  Do you know how psychotic that is?  Do you know?  I ignored my friends for homework even though I was out.  NOt only is that rude and cruel, it’s downright unpleasant.

So please stop your bitching. I will have it done before we met up tomorrow.  So please calm the f*ck down.

And my family is outside having a bonfire and didn’t invite me.  THANKS GUYS!




This cat gets it.  This cat understands!

Sigh, too much homework.  I don’t want to rewrite m Shakespeare paper, write a sestina, do three lesson plans, do a unit plan, and start studying for finals.

Procrastination time.  I’m going to get off the laptop, read a book and nap.  Then after i nap i shall wake up, have a light snack, shower, get ready for thanksgiving dinner and then go.  When I return, I will most likely be in a better mood than I am now.  I will write up my thankful post and most likely stay up late doing work.  Ugh…

At least none of this work is due the day I return to school. There’s some brightness to this post!