Quieting Ease

There is a quieted silence

an easy weight on my shoulders

As I wake up, feed the cats

who scuttle beneath my feet.


Although I could return

to those soft sheets, still warm

I stay up, make something to eat

Pull out things to do


Creating a list of things

to do, dishes, litter, nails

I stop to pause, listening

to that quiet of summer in my house


Heat beaten back by air conditioning

Bugs fluttering away at windows

Meows of a lonely cat

An easy moment amongst my days

Nannying poolside this year

Well ladies and gentlemen, looks like i’ll be by the pool a lot this summer!

The two boys I nanny for just got signed up for a swim club, I have also been signed up as a nanny for them.  That will be lots of fun.

I love going to the pool and both of the boys I watch like the pool as well.

Only question is what bathing suit do I purchase? ¬†Clearly I’m going to need a tankini because running around with kids means coverage.