Sunshine :)

Today is an amazing day.  NO, not because I woke up to my favorite person ever (although that does make any day wonderful).  Not because I got to eat at a diner and have great food.  Not because I watched a movie with a few friends, or because I”m actually being productive…

Today is a great day because it is sunny.

Sunshine is my best friend.  Thanks to seasonal depression, I am usually in a funk during the winter.  Well… with winter ending and the sun emerging, I can feel myself doing all that much better.  Today was warm and relatively sunny so I am super happy.

The sunshine is amazing.  I love it 🙂

Some Sunshine with the Rain

metaphorically speaking of course, although somewhat literal.  The weather here has been somewhat unpredictable this time around.   Cold one day, sunny and warm, raining, snowing, windy to the point where Mary Poppins should have been floating around while other, lesser nannies were being blown away.  However, the weather is not the point of this post.

So I have Mononucleosis.  I am tired all the time and my lymph node on one side of my neck is much larger than the other one.  I have a serious amount of gunk in my nose and my body literally can’t get enough sleep.  I went to the doctor’s yesterday and she prescribed me some antibiotics for strep because she isn’t unconvinced that I don’t have it, some steroids to get the swelling down in my neck, and some pain killers for the serious amount of my pain I’m in when I swallow.  That was lovely.  Then I got blood work done.

To put it lightly, I am not a fan of needles.  However, they only needed to take two vials of blood so I did okay.  I had not eaten all day though.  So my mom and I got out of the doctor’s office and I started feeling dizzy and light headed.  Quickly. we went to Olive Garden and I had strawberry lemonade and chicken and gnocchi soup.  It tasted really good, but I couldn’t do much else.  I looked like death and felt worse.  We took the rest of lunch to go and returned home where I slept for a few more hours.  I felt so pathetic that I couldn’t even get through lunch after blood being drawn.  I felt worse than pathetic, useless and a burden.

The nap and copious amounts of advil helped, but I still woke up feeling really sad.  So I sat and talked with my mum.  She’s being super supportive and helpful and very nice.  I won’t be back in classes until Wednesday, should probably email teachers about that….   Okay, will do that in a bit.  So I got through my crappy day with lots of sleeping and reading and talking.

My boyfriend stopped by last night, cause he said he would and that made me really happy.  He surprised me at the door with flowers.  A bouquet of flowers that were yellow and red and pink and cheery.  I couldn’t have been more surprised and happy.  I love getting flowers but I rarely get them from anyone.  I was so happy.  He makes me so happy.  He put one in my hair and we went downstairs to cuddle and we talked and it was wonderful.  🙂

With all the metaphorical rain, I did get a bit of sunshine.

Indian Summer (in December)

The calendar marking off days

Until that special time of year

when St. Nicholas stops by

Says that today is December 4th


It most certainly did not feel like

December 4th, a cold month

A freeing month with the wind nipping

At your nose and cheeks


It felt like March, April, or May

Warm, pleasant, not too hot

Perfect for SAD, perfect for

Sitting on a bench with a book


Whiel December is meant to be cold

I do not mind for today

This warm weather has put me

in a splendid mood 🙂

A little lounge on campus

I have found a small area of peace on North Campus.

At my college, we have a North campus and a South campus.  I live on South campus, in a series of apartments owned by the university.  South campus consists of several apartment complexes, a small store, several parking lots, a health and science building, and our football field, as well as a variety of other sports fields and a nature walk area.

North campus is where all of the traditional dormitories are and where the class buildings are.  There’s the student center and several places to eat.  North campus is also where my ex and his new girlfriend tend to reside, as both of them have dormitories in the buildings on North.

So, I tend to spend most of my time on South campus, in my apartment with my little cat and my two best friends/ roommates, and the one really f*cking crazy one.

Today, however, I found a place of reprieve on North campus.  There is a lounge on the third floor of the student center.  It’s quiet and warm and is full of windows.  Sunshine is important to me because of all the winter blues and things like that.  It’s quiet and there are couches and arm chairs.  You can sleep in peace or do homework or read or whatever you think you’d like to do that is relatively silent.

I have another place I like to go, but Starbucks is different.  That has a very specific hipster, college student feel to it.  There’s too much hustle and bustle, although the smell of caffeine brewing is indescribable (more like heaven really).  I also am doing my best to not run into my stupid ex.  So I do my best avoid places where he tends to be.

This lounge though… he has his room and his new girlfriend’s place and all the lounges in their two buildings.  I have this little space on North where I know to be safe.  Calm.  Quiet.  Safe.

Here I can read, write, type, sleep, breathe.