Chilled to the bone

Despite the blankets

the robe, the sweat pants,

even the yellow hat

I am still chilly

Cold in my house

My laptop humming away

Coffee long since drunk

My body still craves heat

Under the covers

In your arms

I do not like the cold

I prefer warmth

Like summer heat

that I find in your embrace

Or in the middle of July

Where all I need to wear

is shorts and a bikini

So be content

Warm, not chilled

Fuck this cold weather

Back to our regularly scheduled weather

No longer do I sit outside

In a brief, but indulgent Indian summer

Currently, I cling to my jackets

The chill numbs me

Whips my ponytail into my face

I enter the doors to class

Warmth filters, touching numb skin

Bringing red life back to my cheeks,

nose, ears, hands, but not my palms

My palms are warm from being wrapped

around my coffee, copiously mixed with cream and sugar

once in class, I sit and brace myself, storing up

Heat for the next time I venture into

My regularly scheduled weather

Indian Summer (in December)

The calendar marking off days

Until that special time of year

when St. Nicholas stops by

Says that today is December 4th


It most certainly did not feel like

December 4th, a cold month

A freeing month with the wind nipping

At your nose and cheeks


It felt like March, April, or May

Warm, pleasant, not too hot

Perfect for SAD, perfect for

Sitting on a bench with a book


Whiel December is meant to be cold

I do not mind for today

This warm weather has put me

in a splendid mood 🙂