Woke up Unusually Early Today

I have no idea why I woke up at seven.  My alarm was set to go off at nine.  So why was I awake at seven on a Monday morning?  Damned if I know, I just couldn’t get back to sleep.  So I made coffee, painted my nails, had some cereal and went through my emails and the weather for today.  My nails are orange and blue now, I’m super happy at how cute they look ( essie’s Tart Deco and nail’s inc london Baker Street).

I even put my happy lamp on for the first time in… almost two months.  I just don’t have anywhere to put it really so I have a hard time using it at school.  Today it ended up on my bed, propped up by a window while I ate breakfast and did my nails.  It seems to have done the trick, along with a very small amount of coffee.

On a very random note, i’m currently a little concerned at jumping in the shower because my nails are not yet entirely dry … No need for nail polish in my hair…  However, I need to go shower sooner rather than later so let’s hope that they stay put… Cause I just spent an hour on them and if they end up badly so help me God, I will be very very angry.  Ok, happy thoughts…. worse comes to worse, if they get ruined in the shower, I’ll take them off and repaint when I have a break between classes.  I need to jump in the shower like now so I can be ready.

So, I’m out of the shower and my nails survived!  I still think I might try to do another topcoat just in case, but I have no idea if I’ll have the time.

I’ll try to post again before the day is through.  Wish me luck, I’ve got my night class tonight!


Today, I am dragging.

Despite getting a lot of sleep, I still feel exhausted.  I know this is from Mono and the winter blues and the emotional hangover I’ve got from this funeral, but I am tired.  I’m tired of being tired.

I’m hoping by tonight I’ll be feeling better, because Call Me Maybe and a really good friend of mine are coming over since I’m making soup.  I really do just want to feel better.

Here’s hoping.

Rant from last night and 200 LIKES!

So, last night I was feeling particularly down and I wrote up this rant.

Colleges that stuff a winter semester into their winter breaks need to have a basic understanding of something.  It drives the students who don’t want to, or whom are unable to, take classes insane.  I mean that literally.  It drives me nuts that I still have another two weeks of break left.  Most of my friends with colleges who have normal winter breaks have gone back and are busy studying and doing work.  The ones, like me, are just sitting around at home waiting.

Technically, I could be back at the apartment, however I am desperately trying to avoid buying my own groceries for as long as possible since my bank account is now controlled by my mother.  If I were back at my apartment, I’d have my roommates and my cat.  I love my family though, and when I go back to school I usually just stay there.  This isn’t freshmen year where I was home every weekend of every week I could.

I could be working, but I don’t have a steady job.  My steady job is babysitting and nannying in the summer.  I have babysat a few times and it has been wonderful.  However, that isn’t constant.  I see my friends and am tend be on the more active side of social.  These past two days have just been me in a kind of funk and it’s making me grumpy and the winter blues have not been helping.

I really miss my laptop.  It’s a weird statement, but I do.  I miss just sitting and typing on it, because let’s face it.  I love my iTouch very much, but the feeling of keys underneath my fingers is something that every writer knows and loves.  The same way I love holding paper and pencil.  The same way I love watching birds or turning a page or the snow.  By the way, I am not writing this on my iTouch.  I’m borrowing the house computer and writing on here.  It helps, writing, releasing my thoughts and letting them roam where ever they may please.

So I’m sitting a proper desk with a mug of hot berry tea in my sweats and a fleece jacket and writing.  It’s Tuesday night and I am still feeling a little down.  I know it will pass, I know that much.  I get little moments of sadness, boredom.  I have little moments of happy too.

When I’m bored, what do I do?  Well, I don’t sit in front of my television and browse.  Not lately anyway.   My brother has been home sick lately and if he has the couch, I can’t go down there.  I usually read or play on my iTouch or go on facebook and the like.  It’s a terribly boring time.  Sometimes I blog.  Clearly, I need to be doing more things.

I think another that might have me down is that I didn’t get to see my boyfriend tonight.  He was going to come by and give me a lesson for driving, but he got caught up at work.  Which is good actually.  He needs more work, he has had a dry spell and it’s bothering him since he has bills to pay and the like.  So work for him is good.  And I’ll see him soon since we’re kidnapping Pretty in Pink later this week.  I will have things later to do this week, it’s just at this present time in which I am bored as hell and feeling a little out of my mind.

I can’t tell if this has helped, but I think it has.  At least, it’s gotten it all out on paper, which is what I usually need.  Tomorrow I visit Nana, oh joy.  Let us hope that all goes well.  I am going to drink my tea and read some more, perhaps watch more John Green on Youtube.  Who knows?



So that was last night.

Today on the other hand seems to be going splendidly.  I am going to get tea with a friend in an hour or so, and perhaps I’ll find biscotti or a cookie at the cafe.  I will also get to see my boyfriend tonight and that makes me extremely happy.  I’ve done three loads of laundry, am reading a delightful new book, and will most likely finish it soon.

I want to thank the bloggers.  Because guess what?

I GOT 200 LIKES!!!!!!!!!!

That is amazing!  I adore you all and thank you so much.  It makes me so happy to see that you like what I write so thank you!

A book filled week

Hello again,

Once more I’m going to have to apologize for the sincere lack of posts that continue to plague my blog.  My laptop is in the shop and needs a new hard drive, so I am currently on a spare computer at my house.  Classes start back up in two weeks or so and while I am excited to have all my friends back on campus I don’t know how I feel about have a six class semester.  I haven’t had a six class semester in a year.  I had a year and a half of full semesters and I have had my best grades in those semesters.  I’m hoping that the same trend will follow this semester.

Let’s see, what else is new is my life?  My boyfriend gave me my Christmas present yesterday.  He took me to this book store where everything was discounted and not only can you buy books, but you can also return books you’ve already read and get store credit.  I have a problem with buying too many books and this place is wonderful.  Stacked up to the ceiling with books upon books of all sorts of genres.  I adore it.  I have about ten books to read, plus a few to reread.  I’m hoping to finish the majority of them before school starts.

I’e also been perusing my menus to a healthier winter diet from my Seasonal Depression book.  Some of these recipes look really tasty, I am thinking about doing a few of them either at home or at school.  I can’t wait for that.  The diet in the book isn’t exactly a diet, but kind of is.  People with SAD, winter blues, or February Blahs, tend eat more carbs in the winter time, we crave them.  This diet doesn’t cut out carbs (cause that shit is crazy, I could not live without a bagel once in a while) but it helps limit them and find the right kind of carbs.  It’s really interesting.  🙂

Ah, yes, my epic evening out on Friday.  I have been wanting to say write this up for days, however, lack of a lap top means less writing for me.  So, on Friday I went and saw my friend Horsing Around in her band at bar.  She and the band were amazing!  She plays the violin, it is fantastic.  However, the band didn’t need her for all the song so she spent a lot of her down time mingling with her family and friends who had all shown up to support her.  I went with the boyfriend and Pretty in Pink.  She came over earlier and we had kind of a girly time watching House and doing nails and make up and hair and such.  I wore this great top that Amy Pond gave me, it’s got a band around the neck and it’s sleeveless and has a key hole above my cleavage and it has this funky red white and black floral pattern and it makes me look good.  I had that, my black back up boots (bar means most likely dirty, so older boots can take it) and some dark denim.  My boyfriend grabbed me while Pretty in Pink finished her make up and told me I looked beautiful.  I felt all warm and fuzzy after that.  He even lent me his leather jacket cause all I had was a little cropped silk one.  So we get to the bar and find a spot towards the upper half of it, closer to the stage.

Now, here’s comes the fun part.  Horsing Around is really good friend with my ex.  And, that’s fine by me.  It’s because of my ex that Horsing Around and I are friends.  However, when she invited me to this concert, she explicitly told me that he and his new girlfriend would be there.  She knows me well enough to know that I would never start something on her night.  My ex thought I’d get super wasted and try to hurt his precious little girlfriend.  Ha, ha ha, and I thought my jokes were bad.  So we get there and I watch to see if he arrives, all the while sipping at my single drink of the night.  He does show up and after confirming it’s him in the back half of the bar, I turn and face the stage or talk to my boyfriend.  I refuse to make contact with him the entire night.

My boyfriend, sweetheart that he is, spent the entire night next to me.  He held me, kissed me, whispered in my ear and held me up so I could take pictures of the band.  Perfectly dutiful.  He does that normally, but there was a possessiveness in the bar. He wanted to make my ex see that I had moved on, especially since my boyfriend and my ex have some history.  It was wonderful.  I may be kind and sweet to those I love, but cross me once and I will be a vengeful bitch.  My ex left early and my night was fantastic.  I made a few new friends and made plans for Pretty in Pink’s birthday.

Ahhh, that’s better.  Finally got all of that out in writing.

So, today, I shall try and post another  prompt and perhaps a picture of two.

So Many Things

Alrighty, lots of things have been going on and I keep meaning to post but my laptop is a bitch and my iTouch is also giving me crap about posting, but what the hell, I am going to try.

So, my last few days have really been amazing. My grandparents gave me a happylight. It’s a light that releases daylight spectrum light waves. It’s light therapy, which is drastically helping my winter blues. I’ve been feeling better each day I use it.

I have been spending plenty of time with my friends and my boyfriend. It has been a great break. I have also been reading like crazy. I literally have gone through ten books since mid December.  It is crazy, but I am happy. I have to go apartment hunting on Monday, but hopefully that will all go well. I’m going shopping with a friend for her concert later in the month. It’s at her concert that I will be coming face to face with my x for the first time in a while. If you couldn’t tell by the animosity in which I write about him, I don’t really like him all that much. But I’ll have my boyfriend there, so I am going to be just fine

Now the only big decision I ha w is when to go back to the apartment. School doesn’t start til late January but I am allowed to go back at any time. Part of me wants to go back, but part of me really just wants to stay at my parent’s house. Going back means I have to start being a grown up again. Staying home means I can keep learning g how to drive ( did I mention hat? My boyfriend is teaching me the confidence part of driving. He says our date on Valentine’s day is going to be me taking my driver’s test. I’m scared to do it, but everyone is telling me I need to.)

being home is ‘t so bad. I also really don’t want to have to buy my own groceries again. I also can’t go back to school until I get my laptop fixed. We’re taking it to geek squad tonight before I go to Mayzie’s holiday party. Oh! That’s right! I HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!

The real question is what do I wear? I’m thinking my black cowl neck sweater with the belt, my skinny jeans, and my brown boots. I think that will work, I’ll see if I can work my red ribbon into my outfit so Mayzie won’t tell me I’m not holiday themed. Well, I need to read some more. I shall post soon! Now I know the secret to posting on my iPod, yay!

Here are the books I read: (in case anyone was wondering)

City of Bones

Vampire Academy


Shadow Kiss

Blood Promise

Spirit Bound

Last Sacrifice

Alice in Zombieland

The Fault in Our Stars

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Currently reading: Bloodlines and Winter blues

Winter Blues Problems 1

Ugh, this is why I stay in bed.

The Winter Blues make me so worried about everything.  Every little last thing worries me.  If you have a conflict with me, then it’s going to cause at least twice the stress of the average conflict because this time of year makes me crazy.  If there’s stress in the house or the apartment, then as an empathetic person I hold on to it.  It makes me sad and crazy because my hold over my own emotions is so tenuous.  That’s why I like happy people, they make me happy.

I woke up early and now all I want to do is sleep.  Perhaps I’ll fit in a nap between running around and visiting people.

Cuddles, I desire cuddles

Sudden Need to do Nothing

Well this bites.

I woke up early.  Showered.  Blow dried my hair.  Made scrambled eggs and toast.  Fed the cat.  Posted on blog.  I woke up all excited and happy because I felt good.


I just felt this sudden wave of … inability.  I just want to curl up in bed and read or nap or something. Argh.

Winter blues suck some days.  Alright, stay positive.

I think I will continue to stay in bed.  The library doesn’t open until noon and the  Starbucks next to it doesn’t open until two.  I really want a gingerbread latte while I do my arts and craft things for my lesson plan.  I think I will be patient then.  Take a short nap, read a little of my Regency Romance Collection, blog a bit, and around two or three go to the library to do work.  Note to self: before going to library pick up overdue books and papers to make letters.


Well, on the plus side… NAP TIME