I’m back!

I am so sorry for not posting in so long.

Work is kicking my ass.

But holy mother of God, have I been having an incredible time lately.

So first, I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!!!!!  This was a huge step for me and it has been great.  I passed the test and all is good now.  I still fear driving a bit, but I am much more confident then I think I am.

SECOND: I went to Firefly, the Premier East Coast Music Experience.  Three days, seventy two bands, and so much wonderful.

THIRD: I don’t know what to put for third except that I will try to keep writing more and more as much as I can, but I am literally dead on my feet all the time and I will try.  I PROMISE

Less than a week til work starts

Alright, so as some of you many or may not know, I work as a nanny in the summertime.  The reason that makes sense to me is because the kids go to school and have after school programs during the rest of the year.  However, int eh summer time, just like me, they are on vacation from all of that.  However, parents can’t always take off for a whole summer to watch and play and enjoy the warmth of the season that permeates us with sticky Popsicles and running through sprinklers and simply just doing the things that we enjoy most.

That’s where I come in.

To be specific about these kids, there are two.  They are both boys.  One of them is four and the other is six.  They are fair skinned and blonde and have blue eyes, and often get mistaken for being my own children (which leads to very interesting stories).  They are good kids and I have known the elder one since he was 18 months and the younger one I have known since his birth.  They are like family to me and I am like family to them.

So I nanny.

What is a nanny?  What is it that I do all day?

I get my butt out of bed early.  I make myself breakfast and much needed coffee.  I grab my bag, my lunch, and any activities that I plan on doing during the day, then I walk.  Yes, I walk to work.  I do not have a license, I also cannot justify driving what is essentially five blocks away from my house to the house of the two boys I nanny.  However, once I get my license and am able to drive, I probably will do to the fact that then I will be able to take the kids places and we won’t have to walk everywhere which gets boring and tedious when it gets hot.

So I walk there.  I drop off my lunch in the fridge, talk to which ever parent is there about whatever until that parent leaves.  at this point, the four year old might be up already or might still be asleep.  If he’s up, he gets to pick what we watch or if he’d like to read a book with me or if he wants breakfast or wants to wait for his brother.  Usually, we end up watching TV and I end up relaxing a little.  If neither child is up, I get that precious time to drink some more coffee and read without constantly listening for accidents or worries.

Once they’re both up, I make breakfast and we play games or get dressed and go outside.  I am pretty much their play slave until lunch, in which I make food and then there is nap time.  After that little segment of piece, they are both at it again with video games or going outside or whatever we choose to do.  Then the parent comes home, I walk home and generally don’t move for a little while because I am so tired.

But the thing about this summer, rather than last summer is that now we have a pool membership.  I think this will be great because I love swimming and pools and just generally all things that are involved in those.  The boys love to swim and we now have a place to go outside of the house.  There will also usually be kids they know there which makes my life a little easier and I will get to stay in a bathing suit for most of summer, something I haven’t done since I myself belonged to the swim club.

That was a lot of ranting about my job, or well the general directions and applications of my job.

Did you guys I know I love my job?

Seriously, I do though.  I work in the summers, I get paid really well (I won’t go into details, but I can usually stretch the money I make in the summer time to make grocery trips for all of first semester and half of second semester.)  I get to basically hang out with little kids all day and sure, they do crazy things like run around in their underwear or steal from one another or decide (you will have no idea how long it took me to spell that correctly) that it should be play fight time and then I am subjected to running and hiding and shin kicks.  These kids though, they are like my kids.  I love them and getting to work with them every day is fantastic.

Enough sappy talk about me and my love for young humans.  Let’s talk about what I’ve been doing since school let out.

Sleep.  There has been a lot of sleep.  I am enjoying not having to wake up for any particular reason.  There’s been packing.  Since I am moving otu of this apartment and partially back home, partially into my boy’s new house,  I have been packing a lot.  My room is pretty bare right now and it’s  strange for me.  I have been taking walks and making food and watching youtube (so much youtube) and reading.  There has been an insane amount of reading.  I plan on reading more actually once I am done this post.

Today’s to-d0: pack more stuff, read more, go for a walk because it’s not too terribly hot out and I’d like to walk without sweating an inhumane amount.  I should also make lunch and run the dishwasher again and then read and write and put my sheets in the laundry machines so that they can be clean and lovely.

DFTBA everyone and I hope you all have a lovely day!

Finally a post, a time to post


So I have risen forth from the slime and goo that is the week before finals.  Sometimes I think that the week before finals may actually be worse than finals.  there is always so much due and you try to get everything in that you can or things that you forget or rewrites of papers and then there is the preparing for finals.  I have finished five assignments today.  My analysis, my rubric, my third reflection, my lesson plan for teaching English Language Learner students, and my poetry commentary.  I feel really good.


I still have to finish my book for my pre schoolers.  I need to write their parents letter so they can contact me after I leave.  I need to write my fifth reflection, my Shakespeare final, my edits for my poems (which need to kick some serious ass so I can get a good grade on them), then I need to print out my edits, my original poems, and my essay.  Add do essay for speaker in there as well.

Ok, but I know I can do that!  I can do it!

I know I promised I’d write about my date, but I just don’t think I have the time…

Oh well, I’m posting about it anyway!

We went out to breakfast at one of the diners in town.  Breakfast food is great, diner breakfast food is even better.  We had plenty to talk about and then saw Skyfall.  Skyfall was amazing.  If you have not seen it yet, GO SEE IT!  He dropped me back off at apartment with a hug.  He said he had a really good time.  We’ve been texting and I made him dinner last night since he stopped me to see me.  🙂

So things, despite my stress levels, are going well!

Back into finals prep!

Write soon my bloggers!  Once this is over, expect a lot of posts!


Why Group Projects Suck

I understand that in the importance of being a teacher, you need to do group projects.  You need to learn to work with people and get your sh*t done.  I am someone who usually does her work later on in the day so I won’t finish my essays until late.  That’s just how I work.  It’s how I’ve always worked.

This stupid b*tch in my group unit plan pretty much told me that I had not done anywork and that I was going to fail them and she’s super pissed right now.  I am so angry.  She just yelled at me.

Yes i understand you have more work to do outside of this class. So do I.  I have so much homework that I have literally been doing it non stop over break.  I understand that you think I’m not devoting enough time to this.  I’m doing all that I can.  I’m also trying to re-write a paper, do another few lesson plans and keep myself sane.  Hell, I went out last night and brought homework with me.  Do you know how psychotic that is?  Do you know?  I ignored my friends for homework even though I was out.  NOt only is that rude and cruel, it’s downright unpleasant.

So please stop your bitching. I will have it done before we met up tomorrow.  So please calm the f*ck down.

And my family is outside having a bonfire and didn’t invite me.  THANKS GUYS!