With A Little Help From My Friends

I have decided to stop using the he and she and him and her to represent those whom I write about on this blog.  Thus far, I only have Azure Light, but now, everyone will have a name.  ANONYMOUS BLOG.  These names are to protect the innocent and make sure no one finds this blog and uses it against me.  Although, really, there is very little ground to stand on.

This post is also so I can keep everyone straight.


Azure Lights: She is amazing.  I have posted about her already, but she invited me to join her apartment last year when I was having problems with my roommate at the time.  She is kind and sweet and good.  She is one of my best friends.  We like to drink tea together and dance when we’re drunk.  She is an elementary education major like me.  We both do a lot of arts and crafts.

Amy Pond:  Amy Pond is a criminal justice major, she’s going to be a lawyer. If you couldn’t tell by the code name, she is a huge Doctor Who fan, as am I.  We take walks together and she’s really good about letting me vent.  she loves chocolate and bagels and has a great smile.

Hockey: Hockey is my third roommate.  She is kind of a brat and I usually post to bitch about her.  I do not like her at all.  She bitches about cleaning but never does any herself.  She makes me cranky.

Call Me Maybe: He is the fourth, unofficial roommate.  He visits frequently and enjoys using the couch as his bed.  We became good friends after  Lots of Whiskey and his ex got together.  He’s like my brother.  We both have a deep love of country music.

Mouse: She is a cat that acts like a mouse and a dog.  I love her.  She is the baby of the house


Pretty in Pink: She is the fourth ex girlfriend of my ex.  she and I are both blonde, petite, enjoy the color pink, and kind of terrifying when you get to know us.  She is a blessing in my life, she introduced me to someone special.  We both love to laugh and do silly things, she treats me so well.  I love her too.

Horsing Around: Another friend from my ex.  I met her while we were still dating.  After the break up, I wasn’t sure if we’d stay friends.  However, our bond of Harry Potter was too powerful to break.  She gives me horse back riding lessons.  I will mention her and her horse Levi often.  She likes to read and is very smart.  She’s a Ravenclaw.

Amazing Mayzie: I have known her for ten years now.  She’s a little controlling, but we have such a past.  we can fight, but we tend to make up afterwards.  She’s an ed major like me.

Volatile Little Hellcat: She was my roommate from freshman and sophomore year.  She is violent and scary and I love her always.  She is my sister and tells me when murdering is in fact, not legal.

Male Friends:

Bass Man:  He’s been my friend the longest and he’s been a great guy.  He has been there for all my highs and lows and he helps me out all the time.  He plays bass and writes some excellent songs.

Abel:  Another male friend.  He has a dark and twisted sense of humor and we love him for it.  He’s a sweet kid and good guy.

Tech Specs:  Strangely enough, he doesn’t wear glasses.  He’s really smart and very good with computers, also good friends with Abel.


Baby Girl: My daughter.  Not my literal daughter, but a friend who is younger and whom I call my daughter.  She is lovely and amazing and wonderful.  She rides horses and adores the good things.

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