Life with Mononucleosis

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s Wednesday.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and I’m not going to lie, I am not happy about it.  I mean, it’s nice to know what wrong with my body, but MONO??  I was not happy when I found to say the least.  Right now, my body aches a bit, my nose is stuffy, my tummy is tender feeling, and the lymph node on my side of my neck is so swollen that is is pressing painfully against my throat and it hurts.

It is most definitely not the greatest time in my life.  However, I report that I have excellent company as of this moment in time.

My lovely cat Mouse refuses to leave my bed.  She seems to be concerned for my general welfare and happiness as she knows I love her and she knows that since I’m pretty much bed ridden at the moment, I have no choice but to pet her while I fall asleep.  She’s a lovely cat, she is.  Except for when she bites, but that only happens when she is crabby or you touch her white spot.

Otherwise, my days hasn’t exactly been full of lots of excitement.  I have been sleeping for the most part and drinking lots of fluids.  I’ve been rereading City of Bones so I can start reading the rest of the series and know where I am going.  I am hoping (desperately so) to be well enough in the morning to go to my classes so my teachers can talk with me face to face about my absences and my mono, which I think might be alright.  The teachers who have gotten back to me about my mono have all been really nice about it, which gives me high hopes for their acceptance of my absences in the future.  Here’s hoping at least….

My mom wants me to come home for a few days.  I can see her point of view for the fact that her daughter is slowly getting sicker.  I don’t know, I really want to try and make it to my Tuesday Thursday classes before I go home and to my Math class on Friday because it’s only the first week of the semester and I cannot believe that I am ill enough to have missed two days.  TWO DAYS!

It’s a travesty I tell you.

I usually don’t mind skipping class once in a blue moon, but this is seriously uncool.  I don’t want to fall behind this semester, I would be terrified to do so this early in the game.   I guess that is why i’m a little unsure about going home and having my parents take care of me.  Although, for all the excuses I could have found to have my parents take care of me, Mono is a pretty damn good one.

So, to remedy a small misconception, how does my mother know?  Well, I called her after my appointment and she visited me last night, bringing me left overs and food and my thermometer, which I hadn’t had before, and a balloon.

Yes, my mommy got me a balloon.  I was ecstatic.  I like balloons but this one says I love you and is shaped like a heart.  I guess it makes me feel very special.


First day Of class

I survived.

What precisely did I survive?

I got the flu two days before class started.  I proceeded to overcome the flu, despite feeling like hell this morning.  I went to all my classes and I survived, and enjoyed the majority of them.  Today I had Teaching Social Studies Methods, Math Methods for teaching, and How to Teach Science.  I have a lot of methods courses this semester, but I should be able to get through everything.

But the thing that made my day all the better?

I had fun in science.  It’s a three hour class that meets once a week.  Usually three hour classes drag on for me, but only once was I tempted to look at my watch.  Then my professor decided that we were all going to make free standing structures out of paper clips and straws.  Ours was the tallest 🙂

This is why I want to become a teacher.  That sort of fun, enthusiastic response is what I want to be able to have for my students.  I want to be able to get their attention and watch them grow and come and enjoy the same things I do when I teach.

Ok, I actually have homework to do, just reading and such.  I should do that soon so I can go to bed early, because I am still not feeling a hundred percent.

Also, the sound track to my day has been the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, lovely movie, great music.

This post has been extremely random and I apologize.  Scatter brained.  Hopefully I will post more tonight, if not, I shall attempt  for tomorrow when I have more free time.


So, I found out there were ants in my apartment today.  Just my room, no one else has them.  It was this giant unhappy moment of… well fucking great.  Just fucking beautifully great.

I bought ant traps and hopefully that will work.  It’s just stupid and I don’t like ants and I need to go wash everything in my room after my dentist appointment tomorrow….

Oh no… the dentist… fuck.  I don’t like the dentist.  I really don’t.  I’m sure not very many people like the dentist, but I just have, not a fear, but an aversion to them.  They are useful in society and for my health, but that does not mean I have to enjoy having my teeth scrapped clean.

I’m back home for the night, just entertaining myself.  I have been watching the vlogbrothers and hanks plays video games on youtube and I enjoy them both way too much.  I’ll probably start on crash course soon.

So my friend Pretty in Pink made me CDs for Christmas.  She made these really sweet play lists and they really really made me smile.  She’s such a good friend. I love her.

Well, I’m going to watch some more youtube videos and hopefully try and post some more after dinner.


Getting Sick, but Pushing Through

You know those days when you feel that tickle in your throat?  Your nose starts clogging up and suddenly you’re just exhausted?  Well, that is about where I am at.  The symptoms are not consistent for me to be worried, but I did sleep a lot last night, I was mostly asleep by ten o’clock.  It was bad, I haven’t done that since I got sick last year.

However, despite the sore throat, stuffy nose, and slight head ache, I am pushing through.  I ate really healthy today and did the dishes.  I still want to do laundry, but I have plenty of time for that, the evening has barely started.  I have almost finished my statement for community service, which is a really good thing.  Once I finish that and turn it in, I will get to have everything ready to apply for admission to teaching.  I’m really late at doing this, but I am trying my best now.  I just need to get this in as soon as possible.  I will probably turn it in during the first week of classes.  So yay!

I’m thinking of chicken and salad for dinner, but I don’t know… I think I’m going to be more hungry than that so I might throw in a yogurt for good measure.  Which, for weight watchers…. chicken would be about four points, salad is free, yogurt is two points.  Three point breakfast, eight point lunch ( girl scout cookies got to me)… that’s only seventeen points… add two more tea with sugar… nineteen out of twenty six.  I could definitely find something else to munch on as a later snack.  Awesome 🙂

Sweetness, I feel really good right now.  I need to finish my statement tonight so I can look it over tomorrow.  Once that is done, I can eat dinner.  🙂

I’ll be back later with a writing prompt.

Ah yes, one other point.  I have gotten two of my syllabuses for my six class course load and I have, in a vain attempt to keep myself going and knowing what I’m doing each week, I have written out all the larger assignments, quizzes, and tests on my calendar and in my agenda.  Hopefully this will help with the procrastination problem…

I’m scared about this semester because I have a huge course load and I know I can do it.  I just need to keep ahead of everything.  I’m already doing a great job of that.

If I had a million dollars

Dear Mayzie La Bird (a near and dear friend of mine) posed the interesting question that I feel extremely compelled to answer in a long post.  She asked the questin, “If you had a million dollars but could not invest or save any of it, you had to spend it right now, what would you buy?”  Dear Mayzie wished for a team of stylists to help her get ready in the morning.  She is rather glamorous I realize, so this makes sense for her.

If I couldn’t invest or save it, what would I spend my million dollars on?

The answer I’m about to give should surprise absolutely none of you who know me or who even have an inkling of knowing me.

I would buy books.

Let me repeat, I would buy hundreds of books.  Hundreds of wonderful, amazing, perfectly good books.  With the money I would have left over, I’d like to buy a small apartment in which I could house the books.  Yes, the apartment would most likely be for book, but there would be a bed and kitchen and bathroom as so the reader of the books (me) could stay there in comfort and happiness.

Yes, I know there are many things I could do with a million dollars, but come on!  I would be the happiest person ever with an apartment full of books on shelves, a good couch or a two, a small bed with lots of blankets, and some lights that don’t fry your brain with their brightness.  Seriously.  That is what I would buy.  Or, instead of the apartment, I want a cottage.  A cottage with books and a nice view.  My demands are growing larger, oh dear.  I must be feeling a serious amount of hyper activity then…


I am serious about the books thing.  I would buy so many, I don’t know if I could read them all… but I could have them to.  I could have them to read and let other read and have my children read (oh yes, there will be children’s books in this place and there will be children at some point or another).

Well, I feel much better and I do wish I had a million dollars.

On a practicality end note, I would most likely spend the money on college tuition and other things.

642 Things to Write About: 7

Prompt: How you’re just like your mother

There are days where I say something or do something and am under the sudden, perfect knowledge that it was something my mother would do or say.  For a moment, I am embarrassed  sad in a way.  Then I realize we may all end up like our parents and that I am simply more aware of it than my friends.  While I see the traits my father has given me more often than mom (the blonde hair, blue eyes, messy nature)  they are there.

We both tend to be more introverted, but that does not mean we cannot have fun. It’s difficult for both of us to admit that we’re wrong, especially when we yell at each other.  We both like the same sort of cowl neck sweaters and impulsive, situational swearing.  For example:

When my mom swears, we all point it out.  She’s usually swearing over dropping something.  I dropped two rolls of bread after grocery shopping and swore in the drive way.  Mom laughed.

We are similar, but not.  I know I”ll end up turning into my parents one day.  It’s just a strange thought to see those qualities now.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

What I plan on discussing in this post may offend some of you and is actually a rather serious matter in what is usually a light hearted blog.

I was watching a vlogbrother’s video about gay marriage.  Hank Green was pointing out flaws in those against it’s arguments.  I do agree with that fact that people, everyone everything should have the right to get married, but it was the comments that got to me.

There were people who just bashed Hank and bashed gay marriage and started going on and on about all the things that we shouldn’t like.  Obviously that started a large commenting war between the pros and cons.

There are many hot topics concerning so many things for people in this day and age.  Gay marriage and abortions and gun rights and the right.  I have my opinions on them.  Do my opinions matter?

Well… yes and no.

To me, they matter.  I think everyone should be free to love whom ever they want to love.  Guns (especially after Sandy hook) are part of the problem, but so is the health and mental welfare of America.  The gun laws are fine, it is the people who do damage with them.  If someone wants to have an abortion, then they can have it.  I couldn’t do that, but if someone else wants to get an abortion?  Go for it?  Who am I to stop you?

The point of this post to tell everyone here what I tell everyone in real life.  We are all entitled to our opinions.  However, they are opinions.  That means no one is right and no one is wrong.  It is what we believe.  And so long as you don’t shove down anyone else’s throat, then we’re cool.

For example, protesting gun rights?  Totally cool by me.  Protesting anything?  Right on, do what you think you need to.  Be peaceful about your protesting.

These are my opinions and that is all they are.  I think everyone should be happy and healthy and safe.  I have a love of little kids and I love people.  I want everyone to be happy.  This country, these people I see screaming that they are right, need to understand that their opinion is there opinion.  That’s all it is.  A fucking opinion.

The thing that started this rant was a comment made by my ex on a link of a friend.  The link was to pictures of a protest where the protesters had their guns with them.  They weren’t threatening anyone, they were simply exercising their right to peacefully protest and bare arms.  It’s all good in my book.  The comment started with that my ex wished something like this would happening locally.  That he wouldn’t mind slinging his AR and making a few protest signs.  It is the last statement I have problem with.

Protesting?  I’m cool with.  Right to bare arms?  I’m cool with that too.  But that statement made me feel like he simply wants an excuse to tote his gun around and look impressive.  He wants to be the bigger man.  And that…. that pisses me off to no end.  I understand he is much more into gun rights that I am.  Good for him. I think out second amendment is fine exactly as it should be.  Our second amendment is in place to protect the people.  the way he phrased it makes it sound like he doesn’t want to protect the people, just his over inflated ego.

There, rant done.

To those I’ve offended, I remind you.  An opinion is an opinion, neither right nor wrong.  We are all entitled to our own.

642 Things to Write about: 6

Prompt: How someone (or something) saved your life.

It wasn’t one specific person who saved my life, not that I was in dire need of saving anyway.  High school had started and I could feel that all intense pull to retreat, to become the introvert that I know I am some days.  It was a bad situation, but as August drew to an end, I did in fact find my savior.

My savior was no one human and not one specific event.  My savior was marching band.  Yes, this is an entry into my band geek past.  I was terrified of high school, it meant growing up and that was something I was keen to avoid as a fourteen year old.  I did not know how the dynamics of the high school worked, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

Marching band has this thing the week before school which my mother thought was brilliant.  It’s called band camp, or as every band student fondly refers to it as… hell week. In the late summer sun, on a field, in a practice room or in the locker room, we band geeks thrive on this week or die by it.  It a week where music is learned, marching is taught or retaught, and drills are tattooed into our heads like the lyrics to a favorite song.

Marching band was my savior, my little super power that kept me going.  While I was at odds with concert band since middle school practices were held far too early for my tastes, marching band was an entirely different story.  Marching band met after school and for Friday football games.  It was those games where you learned how to endure cold, hot, itching uniforms and the terrifying swarms of students at the snack bar.

Coming into high school was terrifying to me.  Marching band gave me a place, a thing, a duty.  Senior year when I really was faced with growing up, marching band gave me a job.  Assistant to the director and student director.  While I had desperately hoped to become drum major, I did have my shining moment.  My awkwardness was overcome when I got up on that podium and conducted.  I did that in front of thousands of people on night or two.  It was the biggest rush I have felt.

Marching band saved me.

Muse…. where did you go?


I was writing and it was all going well and now … nothing…

However, there is good point.

I’m watching Pitch Perfect with my mom and we love it.  This movie… amazing.


Seriously, stupid muses… why can’t I draw upon inspiration to get this to work?  Why?  Why can’t I find the words?  Why can’t I just get them out? I know what I want to write, I have the characters and the plots and places, so many things but I can’t sit my hands down and force them to write out this … story