Canvas and Paint

Blank.  White.  Stark.  Ugly.

That is how her canvas starts out.

Devoid of beauty, but full of creation

That which will destroy the bleached barren


First, to prime with peach

Slathering, coating, covering that

Ivory ichor that threatens to consume

with something warmer, with a pink tone.


Then to high light with yellow.

Dabbing and dotting to decimate the sudden

Shadows.  Where did they come from?  Along with the

angry red spots? Quick, cover them. There, gone


Now for a little powder, to dust, the make matte

All that flawless, fake canvas.  There is still kohl to be applied

and liner to be added, gloss to finish up the entire portrait

Of this lovely young woman


She won’t leave the house without her canvas painted

Primed, perfected, for she believes that without

all the paint and color and deception

She is plain.  Stark.  White.  ugly.

Hoppy Easter! (see what I did there?)



I know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but either way have an amazing day.

If you do celebrate, what did you get in your Easter basket?

I got some new eye shadow palettes, some gift cards to ULTA, iTunes (which has already been used), and grocery money, as well as… BOOKS!  I got Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen and The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.

If you’re wondering what I bought on iTunes, I got a song by Jon Cozart (if you don’t now who he is, go look him up… like fucking now), some songs from teh Next To Normal Soundtrack, Do You Hear the People Sing ? from Les Mis, Titanium by David Guetta, I Am The Doctor, and all of Sherlock Season One soundtrack.  before writing this I was dancing around in my pajamas to the music.  I am happy little bunny today.


(or if you do not celebrate, HAPPY SUNDAY!)

Being Girly

I went out and bought makeup today.

It was all make that I needed. I needed more make up cleaner, foundation, and eye cream.  I did not need brushes, but I splurged anyway.

I love these brushes, they make me look so fancy and I adore using them.

I’m sorry if this turns out to be a really short post.  I am exhausted and I am not feeling so great.  The pollen is coming out with the budding flowers and my allergies are on the run. Ick.

Stupid mono still left behind.