Feeling domestic

I feel like I need a string of pearls, an apron, and a very Donna Reed looking outfit after all the things I’ve been doing this weekend.

Amy Pond made it home yesterday afternoon.  I’ve been watching her and helping her with things.  We went grocery shopping and got lots of food.  I made dinner alst night, ran the dish washer, made breakfast this morning, made dinner again, put away dishes, did more dishes …

I feel extremely domestic.  It’s an interesting feeling, makes me think that maybe I’ll be better at being a mom than I think I will be.  Although, I know I’m going to be a good mom.  Four years of daycare teaches you something right?  And I love kids so much, they are the greatest.

Aside from feeling domestic, I’ve also done quite a bit of homework.  I did my reading response for math, I finished a worksheet for assessment.  I’m halfway done my annotated bibliographies.  I still need to work on my group project and study for my test, but otherwise…

This is looking like I’ve actually been productive this weekend… WHAT??

Domestic and Productive?  Could I be more happy about it?  Probably… but that’s because I’m still tired all the time.  Mono takes so much out of you.

I will try and post a story or a poem tonight, I swear I will.  It’s just so tough with everything going on.


I will go on.


BTW, I’m hoping for a good week.

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

Blogging from Places: Starbucks

Ah, I dos o love this place.  What place?  Starbucks.

Aside form the fact that the entire establishment smells of coffee and backed goods (two smells that I absolutely adore), it has some of my favorite drinks.  I know I’ve been cleared from my liver function tests, but I am concerned about a relapse since I haven’t been sleeping a lot.  Being in and out  of the ER and having my boy keep me up does not make for eight to ten hours of steady sleep.

Instead of my usual latte or mocha, I’ve got a mango smoothie.  It is fucking delicious.  It’s all fruit and protein powder and it makes me feel all good.  The only downside to this chilled drink is that if I take outside it’ll turn into a Popsicle.  It’s really good out and while many of my peers are choosing the warmer drinks, I like this.  It’s caffeine free and healthy.

Let’s see, on to other news…  Like I mentioned before, my liver function tests came back normal and therefore, I can engage in physical contact sports and activities, have caffeine, and alcohol.  Amy Pond is still in the hospital.  We do not know what is wrong wit her, we only know that she is miserable.  They’re running tests but nothing has come back.  I’m really worried about her.  It’s really scary.  I’m still writing in the story I mentioned, it went along with my muse poem.  It’s going slower, but it’s still moving.  I know I should edit (because my first drafts are usually so fucking wordy that I sit there with my red pen and go “how on earth did I write this?”), but I want to try and finis the second chapter before I do that.  Hopefully, I would finish the outlined chapters three and four before I started on edits, but I don’t know how well that would go.  Not that I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to write, it’s just getting to be that time of the semester when all my teachers dump work on my simultaneously.  Usually when that happens I stay awake at all hours and ignore everything, including my editing.  I am determined to get through this, at least through the rest of the chapter.  If I really want to edit after that, then I will.  Hopefully that will go alright….

On the list of things I need to do this weekend: text set, annotated bibliographies, worksheet for grading, reading response for math… Homework wise that is it I think.

OH!  So, my boy wasn’t in a great mood last night but he said he had a present for me.  I went and got it and it was necklace.  It’s pretty and sparkly and made of diamonds.  Not all made of diamonds, but just the charm.  🙂  He’s super nice like that.  🙂  He makes me feel very special (and not eat the paste special)

I think I need to try and finish this stupid kissing scene before I run to meet up with Mayzie la bird and … shit I don’t have a name for her!…. ummmmmm  The Jewelry Maker!  YES!

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

Plenty of things to do, but an unwillingness to do them

As my title states, I have plenty of things to do.  i could start on that outline for reading.  I could make flashcards for Assessment.  I could do my giant amount of graph paper math homework.  I could do paperwork, or clean, or polish my nails because the polish is chipping.  However, all I want to do right now… is nothing.  Or … not really nothing, but just simple things like make my lunch and read my book.

I just started reading The Time Traveler’s Wife again.  I love this book.  This book is beautiful and gorgeous and I absolutely adore in a way that I cannot fathom.  I read it and the words almost sing to me.  That’s how much I love this book.  It also comes with some of my favorite quotes such as ” My apartment is basically a couch, an armchair, and about four thousand books.”  This quote is just… in a way, so picturesque without having to try.  I can easily imagine it.  A small place with a green velvet couch, a maroon colored armchair with coffee stains on it.  There are literally thousands of books.  Some on shelves, others stacked in piles on the floor.  Some hide underneath the chair and some lean on the legs of the couch.  It just sounds perfect to me.

Back to my unwillingness to do things.  I can’t tell if it’s the mono, the February Blahs, or just being lazy.  I just a math response so I feel a little bit less like a bum.  Now I need to make lunch and probably take a nap somewhere in there before I dive into the huge amount of homework that’s waiting.  It’s not huge, but I would rather start it now before things start getting crazy.

What I’d really like to try to do today is finish the first chapter of a story I started over the weekend.  I think I might be able to now, I just needed a little push or so.  Hopefully I will post it up here and see what you guys think.  But first, I need to send it off to my editor (Bass Man)  to see what he thinks.  It’s been a while since I’ve concretely tried writing anything.  I just end up feeling so bad about not finishing shit….

I would like to admit that I think I made the greatest playlist ever.   It just went from Chasing Cars to The Final Countdown.  I love it 🙂

Alright, so more on my rants, I really want some money to buy new clothes from Modcloth.  I am not usually in the mood to buy new clothes, but they are so cute.  There’s this sweater with the word lover on it in a little red heart.  Then there’s a red cotton skirt that would go with it along with some tights and my chucks.  There there’s these high rise jeans that look absolutely banging, that I could wear with the white polka dotted shirt or the black one or the green and yellow plaid.  Don’t get me started on the shoes, there’s a gray pair with subtle little faces on them and a yellow and white striped pair of flats and I want it all.  It’s really pricey though and I am ranting.

I think it’s time for lunch and nap.  Be back in a while, perhaps with a story or a poem!

Despite the drag, I triumphed

Well, last night actually turned out much better than I thought it would have in the long run, especially with how tired I was yesterday.  So after my dragging post, I went to class and actually had a really good time.  On Mondays I have a three hour science methods course with this really awesome teacher.  He’s super nice and super fun.  We were in the planetarium for the first two hours and we looked at the stars and it was was just… so amazing.  I’m reminded of how vast our world is when you look up.  It’s beautiful.

I digress.  After getting out of that class, I got back to the apartment with Amy Pond.  We were the only ones there (Azure skies was out and Hockey had not yet returned from her game).  So I proceeded to play more Arkham city (I took down two face as Catwoman) and started to make dinner.  Only I was waiting on my boyfriend, Call Me Maybe, and my other friend whom I am considering nicknaming 45…  So I cleaned and played show tunes and danced around in my apron while I made hot soup.  Call Me Maybe and 45 showed up and we all had a lovely time eating soup and talking and listening to music.  I was very happy to see all of them because I’ve been sick and they’ve been busy and I haven’t seen very much of them lately.

However, around eleven, like always I started getting sleepy.  So I went to bed and slept pretty well.

But today, today is already looking better.  I slept til my alarm.  It’s really difficult for me to do that.  I am unsure why, but it’s hard for me.  So I actually got a full ten hours of sleep.  THEN…. I found my second class of the day was cancelled.  YES!  Which means I only have to get through one class today and then I can come home and do all the things I need to do which includes (but is not limited to)

  • Tree Project for Science
  • Outline for Chapter Presentation
  • Admission Paperwork
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Nap
  • Writing more in my little story
  • BLOG (Cause I actually have a wonderful broke rant I need to get on)
  • Clean

Alright, so that last one is just for me 🙂

IT’s raining here, so ere’s hoping I stay dry and can get through my one class without too much heartache.  Wish me Luck!

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!!!

First day Of class

I survived.

What precisely did I survive?

I got the flu two days before class started.  I proceeded to overcome the flu, despite feeling like hell this morning.  I went to all my classes and I survived, and enjoyed the majority of them.  Today I had Teaching Social Studies Methods, Math Methods for teaching, and How to Teach Science.  I have a lot of methods courses this semester, but I should be able to get through everything.

But the thing that made my day all the better?

I had fun in science.  It’s a three hour class that meets once a week.  Usually three hour classes drag on for me, but only once was I tempted to look at my watch.  Then my professor decided that we were all going to make free standing structures out of paper clips and straws.  Ours was the tallest 🙂

This is why I want to become a teacher.  That sort of fun, enthusiastic response is what I want to be able to have for my students.  I want to be able to get their attention and watch them grow and come and enjoy the same things I do when I teach.

Ok, I actually have homework to do, just reading and such.  I should do that soon so I can go to bed early, because I am still not feeling a hundred percent.

Also, the sound track to my day has been the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, lovely movie, great music.

This post has been extremely random and I apologize.  Scatter brained.  Hopefully I will post more tonight, if not, I shall attempt  for tomorrow when I have more free time.


Look at me… I’ve been busy today.

Woke up around eight thirty.  Got out of the apartment by nine fifteen.  Worked on homework in the lounge for an hour or two.  Then my mum came to visit.  WE got bagels and then she took me Christmas shopping for my apartment mates.  Since they know about this blog, I won’t say what I go them.  BUT IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

Just got back and am doing more homework.  After that, it’s going to be laundry, and cleaning up my room and the living room.  Then going out to the bars again!  This time with a different group.  I am excited though.

I am worried about a friend of mine.  I feel like I might have hurt him and I really don’t want to hurt him.  I’m hoping I can be there for him.  Whether he wants to or not.  I’m stubborn like that.

Alright. Lesson plan, three quarters done.  Before I leave: reflection essay for creative writing (which ironically doesn’t sound very creative at all), finish lesson plan, make mock up portfolio, do reflection rough draft.  I think i can manage that in a few hours…

I hope.

Homework and Stress

I hate this.  I hate that I woke up, felt fine, got out of bed, got all the way to North Campus and then suddenly nothing.   My body dropped, I found out a friend isn’t doing so well, I need to schedule the appointment with Director so I can get my crazy bitch roommate problem solved and I have so much freaking homework I don’t know where to start.

Ok. One piece at a time.

Homework: I need to correctly format two poems.  I’ve written a bunch on here lately, so I’m hoping my professor will take those.  Alright, let me go count lines and see where that leaves me

(Goes and check poetry)

Ok, so I can use the Stability and Cliches poem in my portfolio.  I’m  writing up another that I’ll post in a bit for my second optional poem.  Then I need to edit my previous poems.  I’m not gong to enjoy that.  I hate editing my poetry.  Especially when it’s been more than a month since I wrote it.  Ok, so I need to do that and then write up that essay on the poet that was here last week.

Ok.  I think I can manage that before lunch.  I don’t wish to edit all my poems, but I want to get the optional two out of the way and then try to edit my peter pan poem and then get lunch.


EDIT ONE: (an hour plus later)  I got two poems done, another edited, a lesson plan, I’ve downloaded the templates for my second lesson plan and had lunch.  PRODUCTIVITY!

Why Group Projects Suck

I understand that in the importance of being a teacher, you need to do group projects.  You need to learn to work with people and get your sh*t done.  I am someone who usually does her work later on in the day so I won’t finish my essays until late.  That’s just how I work.  It’s how I’ve always worked.

This stupid b*tch in my group unit plan pretty much told me that I had not done anywork and that I was going to fail them and she’s super pissed right now.  I am so angry.  She just yelled at me.

Yes i understand you have more work to do outside of this class. So do I.  I have so much homework that I have literally been doing it non stop over break.  I understand that you think I’m not devoting enough time to this.  I’m doing all that I can.  I’m also trying to re-write a paper, do another few lesson plans and keep myself sane.  Hell, I went out last night and brought homework with me.  Do you know how psychotic that is?  Do you know?  I ignored my friends for homework even though I was out.  NOt only is that rude and cruel, it’s downright unpleasant.

So please stop your bitching. I will have it done before we met up tomorrow.  So please calm the f*ck down.

And my family is outside having a bonfire and didn’t invite me.  THANKS GUYS!


Busy Bee today

So far I have finished two lesson plans and my sestina!

His coffee colored eyes found her dancing, the moment he walked in.

She was Hell on high heels, her saccharine smile parallel to sweet tea

With corn silk blonde hair twinning about that smiling, spinning head

In a heartbeat, he knew her. It all came back into him, she was his ace.

The tall man exclaimed with a loud yelp, “Oh good Lord… Fuck me!”

While his reaction was passionate fire, hers was cold as Winter’s ice.


The country song that came on the juke box next is the ladies’ choice

Had she forgotten the past, did she remember as she asked him to join?

By the dance floor, a sexy scent surrounded him, set his senses aflame

She wore tight blue denim that showed off her little waist, fine booty,

And long legs.  Her shirt buttoned under the bust, he knew the surface

Of skin on her back held a tattoo, vicious snaked called a copperhead.


With the cold in her eyes and passion in her hips, he was a blockhead.

Of course she recalled their violent past, but this dance was her choice.

Her body was lithe in its movement, southern twang mixed with grace.

The reactions were the same, bodies close; what did she wish to attain?

Desire filtered in his mind, as their eyes met; the gaze fueled up acidity

On her side.  He was reminiscent of the first time she came to his home.


They danced and listened to the lyrics, whether or not they did rhyme.

He felt that sweet connection rise and he thought about getting ahead.

That’s when his eyes landed on the ring, she’d always had an affinity

For things that sparkled.  He’d never done that, with all his cowardice,

Proposed to her, but he wished he did.  Goosebumps covered his skin

While he bolted, pink colors sparking to life on the cheeks of his face


At the bar, he ordered a tall and stiff drink, downing it with a grimace

He felt her gaze on him, as the bridal party chatter, bringing his blame

To the forefront of his mind, as he tried to disperse his thoughts of sin

With each passing whiskey on the rocks, he desperately tried to shed

However, the man who sat lonely on his stool would have to suffice

With the painful memories of his ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity


He thought what he had done to her was a complete and utter calamity

With a blink of an eye he’d given her up, for a girl who only wore lace

Disappearing from the apartment without a timely two week’s notice

He felt sickened with his moronic acts, feeling absolutely loathsome

With one more drink and the sensation of swearing like a bonehead

He picked himself up and let himself out, for it had all been in vain


Here it is.  Enjoy, I am going to sell clothes and do more homework.  Ugh….